Social Media and Productivity: How to Maximize Your Time

If you struggle with maximizing time on social media for great productivity, read through these management tips to help you stay organized and productive.

Social Media and Productivity: How to Maximize Your Time

Before you can become successful with social media management, you require many skills. When it comes to social media and productivity, involve a high level of discipline and determination. Social media on its own requires a lot of time investment. Aside from being on social media, several activities are waiting for you offline. Therefore, time management is essential. Time spent is supposed to yield good results. If you are still struggling with maximizing your time on social media for great productivity, read through these management tips to help you stay organized and productive.

1. Recognize the Perfect Platform for Your Brand

We spend much of our time on many apps - Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, YouTube, and so many others. These apps are being updated continuously, adding several exciting features we want to try out. Choosing the right social media channel for your brand is recommended so you don't get confused. Understand your business goals, type of content, audience, resources, and competitors in your niche. With all these, you can identify the social media platform that best suits your brand. Once you have concluded the best social media for your brand, go further to understand management tips for that particular platform.

2. Be Goal Oriented

Measurable and achievable social media goals should be set up. Be sure that these goals align with your primary business objectives. You can make use of SMART goal-setting techniques to help you through. Setting SMART goals means:

  • Specific: The goals you are setting should be well-defined by you. State the objectives you want to achieve.
  • Measurable: Track your social media goals with numbers. In this case, you make use of KPIs and metrics. Metrics are numbers, while KPIs are key performance indicators.
  • Achievable: do you have what it takes to achieve your set goals? It would be best if you considered this.
  • Realistic: When setting goals, they must be realistic. Get rid of results that seem promising but unachievable.
  • Time Conscious: Set a timeframe for each of your goals.

Once you have successfully planned your goals, map out the KPIs to measure your achievement. 

3. Develop a Plan

Developing a day, week, or month plan is critical for productivity. To get a smooth social media and management for your business, you must develop a productivity regimen to organize your activities for the day, week, and month. This could be in the form of a to-do list. Mark out time on your calendar and dedicate them to your projects/goals. You can also use productivity tools available on the internet, like Hive, Asana, etc. Please select the best that works for you and use it effectively.

4. Get Rid of Similar Tasks

Go through your to-do list. If any tasks look the same, strike them out from the list. Group all the tasks that are related and do them at once. If you have different content writing tasks for the day, group them and do them. This will help save you time and focus more on other subject matters.

5. Use Content Calendar to See Your Works

The content calendar is essential to remind yourself of what you need to achieve your goals. This tool is great for time management and reducing social media burnout. Plan your content type and indicate when and where you will post them. With this, you can visualize your efforts and the result.

6. Make Use of Time-Saving Tools to Schedule Posts

Social media and productivity has been made easier with reliable tools. You can now work smarter and not harder using social media scheduling tools. This is software that schedules posts across different platforms. You can upload content and set a time and date for publication. You do not have to do everything live on the app. Scheduling your posts in advance helps you to manage your time and focus on other significant goals.

7. Note the Best Time to Post on Your Platform

Try to note the best time your posts do well on your chosen social media platform. The time to make posts is different across every platform. This is because every social media platform has a certain network, brand audience, content type, and industry. Research and review your business brand on your platforms, and understand the data and analytics to help you know the best time to engage your community.

8. Engage Your Audience With Social Media Content Mix

It is said that variety is the spice of life. Users on social media platforms want to see something new and engaging. Try as much to get a mix of content to engage your audience. This will lead to boosting your presence online. Fine-tune your content mix to align with your goals, budget, resources, and identity. You can make an interactive section to help you discern the best content mix for your targeted audience.

9. Develop A Unique Brand

Socializing is all about connections with humans. This is why you are required to stamp a brand's authenticity. In all you do, develop unique brand experiences for your community. Consumers desire to see your authenticity before diving right in with you. Listen and study your audience to align your brand with their demand since they are your target. Understand what they care about, their best posts, and the type of discussion they engage in online. Social media and productivity begin with understanding your audience and the right thing to do to satisfy them. This will produce better results for you.

10. Integrate User-Generated Content

It would be best if you add user-generated content to your content plan. Integrating user-generated content is one of the best ways to announce your customers. In doing this, you are giving your social media content strategy an edge.


Understanding social media and productivity concerning time management are essential for business growth. Without proper time management, you cannot achieve your set goals. Social media is a big space where you can easily get overwhelmed if care is not applied. For a brand, you have lots to do to make your brand gain a reputation, connection, and solid relationship with your target audience. Therefore putting these tips into play will yield great results for your brand.

Date Of Update: 24 November 2022, 14:19

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