Summer holidays: Did you really wear bathing perfume?

Summer is when it smells of summer. Swimming pool chlorine, french fries, sunscreen – but something is missing. Just what? Episode 4 of our Writers-series 34; holiday Flicker 34;

Summer holidays: Did you really wear bathing perfume?
From series: Holiday flickering summer holidays: Did you really wear bathing perfume? Summer is when it smells of summer. Swimming pool chlorine, french fries, sunscreen – but something is missing. Just what? Episode 4 of our writer series "Holiday Flicker" by Marion Poschmann August 5, 2018, 15:42 Uhr16 comments Everyone knows him, summer smell, which causes a belly tingling. © [m] Stéphanie Foäche/plainpicture

Summer holidays, great emptiness, great freedom, boredom, excitement, infatuation, outdoor pool, campground, happiness, misfortune. For "Holiday Flicker" series, writers and writers have remembered most important six weeks of ir youth. On María Cecilia's Beda now follows Marion Poschmann.

Even today, I wonder what it was. A fragrance, combined with hot summer days, with hottest, a smell that arose above all on days we spent in outdoor pool. Already on way re, even when we stood at checkout, shreds of this fragrance floated, sweet and fresh, promising as a sunny morning.

In outdoor pool it smelled of crushed grass, on which people camped with ir blankets, it smelled of plastic of floats and floating wings, which with ir welds scraped on arms, it smelled of chlorine of water basin and after disinfectant shower of floor, which one Before entering bathing area. It smelled of ice cream and hard-boiled eggs from cold bags, it smelled of fries from kiosk and sugary lemonades, it smelled of sun-heated foliage, when through trees at edge of lawn a warm wind went.

Marion Poschmann

1969 was born in Essen and works as a writer and lyricist. She was nominated several times for German prize. Her novel "Pine Islands", which was awarded 2017 with Klopstock Prize for New Literature, was recently published.

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Again and again, however, a very different smell moved over terrain, in clouds and swaths, fragrance particles such as blossoms or perfume. When I lay with dripping braids on my towel and read, came like a memory this smell floated and evaporated again, never I could allocate where it came from. I imagine that it must have been a sunscreen, but I have never seen someone who was rubbed in with such sun lotion and was a source of this fragrance. Our sun cream smelled completely different, after sunscreen.

Sunscreen, sun lotion, suntan lotion: Several summers I spent comparing sunscreens to ir olfactory qualities. My friends used different varieties than me, y smelled differently in summer than in winter, in outdoor pool different from school, but none of m poured out this particular fragrance. For a time I followed ory that my summer smell would have to be a Russian perfume. I shot myself on brand Red Moscow, although I had no idea how this perfume smelled, and today I also wonder how I actually came to knowledge that it existed at all.

The smell receded every year, but always only occasionally, only briefly, and in front of my inner eye stood a bottle that I had not seen in Natura or pictures and whose image I recognize today on Internet. I would have to buy one to finally check my sis. But did you really wear perfume for bathing?

Now I have not met this particular odor for years. I'm not going to outdoor pool anymore. Neverless, I wait for him, every summer, because summer for me begins with this fragrance.

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