Summer Time: Endless Summer – Finally!

The EU is paving the way for the eternal summer time. This is a victory for all the late risers and for many Germans. It doesn't matter that it's health-insane, does it?

Summer Time: Endless Summer – Finally!
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    I look forward to. We will probably get it – summer time all year long. The fact that European Commission wants to abolish annoying time changeover and instead to switch to uhrzeitlichen summer all year round will be a great delight, especially in Germany.

    This is because changeover of time was twice a year: Finally no longer this agony in spring, when Amletzten Sunday in March hands or digital displays are turned or flipped from two to three forwards – what anyone who is standing up at same time as usual Must, one hour of sleep robs. The end would also be days of paralysing fatigue, especially after changeover in spring. Because our body needs time to adapt Chronobiologisch to new circumstances ( sleep researcher Barbara Knab explains in detail why this is not so easy).

    But above all: it would be more bright at last in winter evening! As a convinced long-sleeper and night owl, this is for me best thing about news that EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker announced this morning. Admittedly, how great you find it depends heavily on where you live and when you need to get up. (To see how much time sun is going up and down at your place of residence during summer, you can look in our interactive tool, even at very end of this analysis.)

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    The head of departments know and digital would like to sleep more often. Especially in winter. No matter if daylight saving time is applied or not.

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    If it really happens, we would have to accept that we would see sun rise one hour later each winter morning than before. Personally, I don't care if I get up at six or eight o'clock in dark and n sit in office with artificial light. After all, I would have chance to have a ray of sunshine after work.

    This shows that it is an individual thing wher someone feels good or bad about permanent daylight saving time – Central European Daylight Saving Time (CEST), two hours before coordinated time of day (UTC 2). For shift workers and school children, it will be very detrimental if y have to get out in winter before sunrise even in future. Because that forces m to be productive in dark for a long time. Something that basically contradicts human biology. In fact, as is also case in sleep research, it would be healthiest to orient its daily routine not according to time but after Sun's course. That would be: get up when it's bright, and go to sleep when it gets dark.

    Man does not tick after clock

    But would that be compatible with our working life, school life or idea of a European Economic Community? In concrete terms, this would mean that summers and winters, for example, Finns would start at different times with work of Spaniards. All Europeans would have longer working days than in winter in such a model – if one were to live it consistently – in summer. The time at which school lessons begin would change with time of sunrise over year and depending on place of residence. And if you follow advice of some chronobiologists, we will all sleep a little more hours in winter than in summer. For economic life in EU, this would probably not be feasible.

    From a scientific point of view, a year-round summer time is not as fantastic as it seems. The longer period between n and sunrise, more difficult body has with adaptation (Current Biology: Roenneberg et al., 2007). Medical practitioners would refore plead for an end to time change, but n in favour of a continuous central European time (CET), i.e. standard time, which many simply call winter time. It proved to be most compatible (Psychological Science: Barnes Drake, 2015).

    Date Of Update: 01 September 2018, 12:00

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