Sun Ra Arkestra: In the groove of the Sun god

Do the musicians around Sun Ra actually still exist? And how! Now the cosmic Gondelnden landed in Hamburg and Berlin.

Sun Ra Arkestra: In the groove of the Sun god
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    What we are waiting for are two acquaintances on Friday night before Kampnagel culture factory in Hamburg. "This is where Sun Ra Arkestra plays." Unbelieving looks: "Is this where Sun Ra is playing?" Behind curly forehead question: Does he still live? Not a bad question.

    Herman Poole Blount, called Sonny, who turned into Sun Ra in Fifties of last century, was not of this world during his lifetime. He was self-chosen sun god of black jazz, originating from ancient Egyptian past and at same time travelled from distant future of Saturn. He recorded records with titles such as pictures of Infinity, Nubians of Plutonia and we travel Spaceways, was a philosopher and pianist, lyricist, Bigbandleader and inventor of cosmic sound generators such as sun Harp and space organ. 1993 he left planet. His band, musical collective he had gared around him, continues to live on Earth and renews over decades. Arkestra called his founder, a word of orchestra and Ark, like Ark of RA. This ark is still touring cosmos. Last Friday she actually put in Hamburg.

    Few of 200 visitors, who are waiting for admission at Camp Nail factory, should have recognized musicians who sneak past m into hall at around 10pm. Marshall Allen, 94 years old, who runs Arkestra since 1995 at Ras, wears a baseball cap of gray hair that he has tied to a stubby braid, and a crumpled beige blazer. Sport backpacks, sneakers, cotton bags: The interplanetary entourage of Saturn Envoy understands how to make yourself invisible. But one must not be deceived: y are among us. And while a clouds dry ice is fogging up stage a little later, it's been a custom for decades, and it's suddenly popped up between spectators. Now without everyday disguise, in shimmering robes and cloaks, with golden turbans and sequins occupied Fezen; At front of pianist's brim, a shining cobra spreads neck skin.

    24 musicians are currently populating Ras Arche, twelve are on way, a bassist, a number of wind instruments, two percussionists, a guitarist, a singer, a pianist. On official website, which looks as outmoded-futuristic as if it had been programmed in a moment of visionary foresight in 1970s, its short biographiess add up to a quick run of band's history. There are a number of members from early and middle RA years: Danny Ray Thompson, flute, saxophone, "joined Arkestra in 1967". When he sits in Hamburg with his double-pointed on stage, he acts like a recourse to Sonny's himself. Ben Shlomo, alt saxophone, clarinet, in collective since 1970, changes repeatedly to percussion, raised head swaying, eyes twisted inwards.

    Sixty years in service, in spirit

    Then re are younger ones: pianist Farid Abdul-Bari Barron bows down with his cheerfully tilted game just as before Sun Ra as before Thelonious Monk, whose portrait adorns his T-shirt. The trombonist Cecil Brooks puts his instrument here and re for a dance aside. The charismatic singer Tara Middleton, who has entered legacy of Sun Ras Great Chanteuse June Tyson, purses The dark-painted lips.

    From its front-left position on edge of stage, Marshall to 100 will hold everything in Rotglitzernden cloak toger. One reads that he is a gentle man, unlike sometimes imperious Sun Ra, who often let musicians with whom he shared a house in Philadelphia rehearse seven days a week. Marshall Allen "joined Arkestra in 1958". Sixty years in service, in spirit, in Groove Sun Ras.

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