Pasapalabra accelerates again since Wednesday with a new duel between Orestes Barbero and Rafa Castaño after the Duel of Champions.

The one from Burgos will play his program number 329, he has already earned 193,800 euros. And the Sevillian, who has accumulated 111,600 euros, is playing his 166th program. However, the two are bidding for the 2 million euro jackpot.

While waiting to find out the winner, the Antena 3 space will have the guests Manuela Vellés, Víctor Elías, Boticaria García and Eduardo Casanova.

Manuela Vellés (Madrid, 1987) began in the field of interpretation at the hand of the Juan Carlos Corazza school. She would complete her training under the orders of Jorge Eines, Augusto Fernándes and Fernando Piernas.

The year she came of age, she made her debut as a film actress in the film Caótica Ana by Julio Medem. A year later, she was also part of the cast of the film Camino, directed by Javier Fresser. A film awarded with several Goya awards.

We have also seen Manuela Vallés shine in other film productions such as Buscando a Eimish (Ana Rodriguez Rosell), Dirty Wolves (Simón Casal de Miguel) and Alegría Tristeza (Ibon Cormenzana). In addition, the great box office success of La Novia by director Paula Ortiz.

Vallés has also been paid to be part of the best television series in recent years. She had prominent roles in the productions La Señora, La Chica de Ayer, Hispania, Velvet, Alta Mar and El Misterio del Tiempo. All of them of great audience success.

His latest work is the film production Culpa directed by Ibon Cormenzana.

«The loneliness of a mother is terrible. You feel alone because you are overwhelmed by a situation for which you have not been trained and for which society builds an idealized image. Suddenly you feel an enormous responsibility. It is overwhelming being a mother. A world opens up that you knew nothing about. It is a total dedication and you have to assume that everything has changed », highlights the actress about the story of her latest work.

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