The charm of simplicity: Voge 650 DSX - inexpensive motorcycle from China

The single-cylinder travel enduro Voge 650 DSX comes from China and is therefore relatively inexpensive.

The charm of simplicity: Voge 650 DSX - inexpensive motorcycle from China

The single-cylinder travel enduro Voge 650 DSX comes from China and is therefore relatively inexpensive. But not worse for that. And the engine is an old acquaintance. The Voge 650 DSX is not a wow bike but more of a nice looking farm animal.

The Voge 650 DSX is an excellently performing and extremely affordable no-frills motorcycle. It belongs to the tiny segment of single-cylinder travel enduro bikes. The 652 cc single-cylinder with four valves and two overhead camshafts was developed by BMW and Rotax more than 20 years ago and built for the BMW F 650 GS. From 2008, BMW's single-cylinder engines were manufactured by Loncin in China.

BMW has not had a 650 single-cylinder in its range since 2015. However, Loncin has the license from BMW to further develop this engine and to manufacture it for its own products. This single cylinder is at work in the Voge 650 DSX; it now meets the Euro5 environmental standard. 48 hp are available at 6750 rpm, plus a maximum torque of 60 Nm at 5500 rpm.

The Voge has a tubular steel frame, an 86-centimetre-high seat and a 19-inch wheel at the front, which, like the 17-inch rear wheel, has wire spokes. The top speed is 160 km/h. All in all, the Voge 650 DSX is a real travel enduro, although its suspension travel of 18 centimeters seems rather limited for this species.

The very high empty weight of 219 kilograms stands out negatively. But the weight is well balanced. The bike doesn't look top-heavy, but overall very accessible and easy to handle. It's not a wow bike but more of a nice looking farm animal; unspectacular, reliable, simply there and, within the scope of its possibilities, fulfills every wish of its tall enough driver.

Even at top speed, the Voge 650 DSX is stable on the road - without the very wide aluminum panniers supplied with the test vehicle - corners neutrally and safely, brakes very properly and cushions and cushions equally well when loaded with one or two people.

The equipment of the Voge 650 DSX is good: There is an easily accessible USB socket in the cockpit as well as a color TFT display that is easy to read except in blazing sun with tire pressure monitoring option and smartphone connectivity. The ABS can be deactivated at the push of a button, which can be advantageous off-road. Everything is arranged simply and logically.

The ergonomics are also right: you sit well, the windshield, which can be adjusted mechanically in three stages, does its job properly, all levers are adjustable, the operating forces, including those of the standard main stand, are appropriately low. Apparently, quality is valued at Voge: Essential supplier components come from Bosch, Kayaba, Nissin and Pirelli.

Regarding the drive, it should also be said that the engine doesn't particularly like to advance to higher speeds; but thanks to its good torque curve, shifting gears around 5000 tours is not a disadvantage either. It didn't bother us that there were only five courses. The rather low-revving locomotion is rewarded with low consumption, even when driving very quickly: we measured between 4.1 and 4.3 liters per 100 kilometers on country roads, and only 3.4 liters on easy terrain. Thanks to the 19-liter tank, 400 kilometers are possible without refueling.

If desired, the Voge 650 DSX can be ordered with a complete three-part aluminum pannier system from the Shad brand, including the necessary steel fastening parts. The cases are very spacious with a volume of 47 liters (left) or 36 liters (right) plus top case (48 liters). Unfortunately, the locks have to be unlocked for each opening of the lid and locked when closing. In addition, the locking brackets also serve as carrying handles. Imaginative, but cumbersome to use.

The system, which weighs around 18 kilograms, does not make a bad impression in terms of quality. However, the extreme overall width is annoying; Fully assembled, the Voge 650 DSX measures an incredible 115 centimeters at the rear! This means that the main advantages of single-track are gone.

The Voge has no weak points that made us advise against buying it. On the contrary: If you are looking for a single-cylinder machine with a generous displacement and plenty of torque that is also suitable for easy terrain, this is the right choice for you.

Almost 7500 euros including delivery costs are not really a bargain price, but still cheap. Because a two-cylinder Honda CB 500 X, for example, is 20 kilos lighter, but doesn't look as mature as the Voge and doesn't have nearly as much torque. And costs 100 euros more without additional costs with some significantly less demanding equipment. Apparently you learn quickly in China.

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