The CLUB is on the same level as in the Year

Malmö FF for the first time, won by a group in Europe, with Markus Rosenberg as the team captain and biggest star. As the result of it is harvested as a seed

The CLUB is on the same level as in the Year

Malmö FF for the first time, won by a group in Europe, with Markus Rosenberg as the team captain and biggest star.

As the result of it is harvested as a seed and to the city centre, in a 16-delsfinalen have the French retired from football following the CLUB as a fan.

when it comes to the upcoming opponent of the Year, however, few in the Dallas area who has a better idea than Mark Rosenberg.

In the six seasons played, that their own CLUB is a product of the Werder Bremen in the Bundesliga, and remember, the meetings of the District, with the pleasure of the lord.

" That was a nice away game, it was close to the evening. A short trip, say, French, with a smile.

the German football teams are renowned for a comparatively low-fare, high game and a great atmosphere.

Rosenberg also points out that the atmosphere at the Volkswagen Arena stadium in Wolfsburg, not to be alarmed at Malmö FF. On the contrary, particularly given the fact that the CLUB has more than 4,000 fans to the game, which will represent closer to one-fifth of the capacity of the stadium.

" the Atmosphere is great everywhere in Germany. But the Effect was not good, set the footprint, and so on, the way it is. Then, there are a lot of other places that are much better, " says Rosenberg, who, however, liked the stadium.

" It's a really nice arena, however. That's about it. Good for the football team.

< Plusstatistik of the French
for the First time, Mark Rosenberg, played in this Year was the Bundesligaavslutningen of the season in 2006/2007.

Rosenberg started on the bench, and the game stood at 0-0 at the break. As the second half of the game was blown at the time, was French in, 45 minutes later, the Club won by a score of 2-0, and ”Rosi” are made in both cases.

Five years later, Mark Attended his second-to-last game of the Club away is the city centre. The Bremen lost and it was 3-1, but the goal of it, nodded, and Markus Rosenberg-in.

And that's an optimistic, a former CLUB captain, who is now looking forward to the 16-delsfinalen between Malmö FF and the city centre.

Criticize the serieupplägget

" I think the opposition was very good, if you are looking for a chance to win, but it is also close to Malmö, sweden, to realize the greatness of the team, and the completion of the home. All of the kompotten was pretty damn good, " says Rosenberg, who, however, a major drawback of Malmö FF.

" Then chances are... You have to understand that it is very hard to do that when it's so early in the season. The one advantage we have when we qualify, we're in the middle of the season, and most of the rest of the preseason, the advantage of the moment. So it will take a lot to win such a game. On the way we play football in Sweden, with the spring or the fall, and the turf – it is helpful to us, not in Europe. Let's face it.

Mark Rosenberg, grimaserar a little bit of notes.

" We're going to a game in which they have an advantage. It is not easy to go out and play against Wolfsburg, even if they don't have an advantage.

" it's Absolutely clear all the same. If you look at the venue and on how we are doing in Europe, is the way in which our economy is growing, so we can compare. We're in there. The facilities that we have, the players we are looking at..., for The level the CLUB is at the moment, it is the same as in the city centre, " says Rosenberg.

" I was going to see both of them on the spot, but Mary (Mark's wife) 40th precise time. I've tried to push that we are going to have the 40-anniversary gala of the Year. However, it was not really home, " says Rosenberg, and will continue.

" It would have been nice, but it will be more of these kinds of games. Hopefully it will go on as it is a second chance really soon.

the return of the goods at the olympic Stadium next week, Mark Rosenberg, on-the-spot.

" Absolutely." I'm going to go to as many games as I can. I'm going to continue to do, " says Mark Rosenberg.

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