The Cost of Driving in Southern California

In general, it is more expensive to live in Southern California than almost anywhere else in the country

The Cost of Driving in Southern California

In general, it is more expensive to live in Southern California than almost anywhere else in the country. Housing and food prices are higher, and you will even have to pay more just to drive around. Whether you live around Los Angeles or San Diego, most people tend to need to drive around to do and see all they need to do. Even if you never have to hire a traffic ticket attorney Santa Ana, you spend a ton of money every year on your vehicle. Here are just a few of the ways you rack up an intense auto bill.


Filling up your car with gasoline is one of the most noticeable ways you spend money on your car after purchasing it. Southern California frequently has some of the most expensive gas prices in the country, and sometimes, it can be a dollar or two over the lowest price. While many vehicles today are manufactured to be more fuel-efficient, it still costs a good amount of money. However, you stand to save even more money when you drive an electric vehicle. These drivers spend nearly one-third of what drivers of regular cars spend on fuel.

Repairs and Maintenance

You need to take your car to a professional every so often to make sure it still runs as it should. From oil changes to tire realignments, keeping your car working properly can add up. If you ignore these essential maintenance steps, then you will only end up spending more money in the long run in repairs. Many drivers will find they spend well over $1,000 annually in these maintenance costs. When you buy a car, you should look into purchasing an extended warranty. That way if anything happens, you are covered for longer.


The price of a speeding ticket lawyer Los Angeles does not even come close to the biggest cost drivers have to face: depreciation. The second you drive your car off the lot, it begins to lose its value. You will find the biggest annual cost to your car is simply driving it around the city and racking up mileage. In particular, electric cars tend to lose their value faster than standard vehicles. The reason for this is that the older models usually have shorter rangers than the newer electric cars that come out. You will see the sharpest decline in value within the first year, but the price will continue to go down gradually as time goes on.

Vehicle Costs

For most people, the most expensive type of car to purchase will be a pickup truck. Large sedans come next followed by medium SUVs. Before you sign any paperwork, you need to be confident a car will be right for your needs. You need to consider where you will drive it and who you will typically have in the car with you. This will ensure you get a car you can use for a long time and will get the most out of your money. After you buy your car, make sure you drive safely around town so as to not damage the car. Driving safely also ensures you do not have to hire a traffic ticket attorney any time soon, which can also help you save.

Date Of Update: 25 October 2019, 22:25