Joe Biden has found himself in a situation similar to that of Donald Trump, with the FBI searching his private address in the town of Rehoboth, in the state of Delaware in search of documents taken from the White House.

To date, Biden’s lawyers and advisers have found documents in two places: a former office of the president in Washington, where he worked during his time away from active politics during the Donald Trump Presidency, and in the garage of his other private residence in Greenville, also in the state of Delaware. This is, therefore, the first time that the FBI has entered a Biden property to obtain documents. Meanwhile, former vice president under Donald Trump, Mike Pence, has also handed over government-owned papers that he had taken to his home after leaving office.

The US Department of Justice has appointed special prosecutors to investigate the transfer of documents by Trump and Biden to their homes. The current president harshly criticized his predecessor for having taken documents to his house in Mar-a-Lago, Florida, so his image has been damaged when it was discovered that he had done it. Trump, however, denied the existence of the documents, and later refused to turn them over to authorities. When he finally did, he only gave them a portion of those in his power, prompting the FBI’s search of Mar-a-Lago in August.

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