The market: Amazon, the Gatekeeper

Read-FlatRate and gag contracts: Amazon has created a bizarre cosmos in which patent trolling and Nonsensliteratur their blossoms. What do the publishers do?

The market: Amazon, the Gatekeeper
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    The digitisation of DesBuchmarkts has been relatively sluggish compared to digitisation of music industry. Although number of e-book readers and e-books is growing. Dochhaben has not yet implemented streaming services such as Netflix or Spotify in book business. You still buy individual titles, be it hardcopys or books. This is now going to change.

    The online merchant Amazon advertises Derzeitseinen service Kindle Unlimited – A digital lending library, DerAbonnenten unlimited access to over one million e-books and 2,000 audiobooks, a kind of flatrate for reading. Only limitation: Eskönnen only ten books can be borrowed at same time. Until end of July läufteine action, where users can test Kindle Unlimited for three months free of charge. After end of promotional period, service costs 9.99 euros per month. Amazon hopes to attract new customers. Amazon Prime members already have opportunity to access a choiceofcorrectwelding of books, magazines and comics through prime reading service. However, offer of approximately 1,000 monthly changing works is limited.

    Kindle Unlimited Gingbereits 2014 at start, but could never really get through compared to video undMusikstreaming offer (Amazon Video and Music Unlimited). Lastly, number of readers decreased. With e-book FlatRate WillAmazon now publishing world attack. and wants to copy business model of Apple: one creates a platform on which producers or authors can publish IhreWerke and purchase user Content à la carte. In doing so, one bypasses middlemen such as publishers and production companies, and margins are higher. "Cuttingout The standardised Grey" – that was already antiinstitutional battle cry of Whole Earth Catalog, which was part of obligatory reading of libertarian hippie movement.

    A "cancerous ulcer"

    On book earn Vielemit: The author, publisher, print shop, trader and last but not least derStaat. The platform solution could increase share for Amazon. Apple, for example, collects 30 percent commission on sale apps in its App store. Amazon, which dominates online book trade in USA and Europe, has 2014 its own German-language publishing program for various genres and has thus become publisher.

    To absorb even more shares in book market with a read-flat rate KönnteAmazon. It is obvious that publishers scoping this plansaccessing using of increasing scepticism and suspicion. The concern is that with flatrate book Auchkulturell loses value. Mark Coker, head of e-book DistributorsSmashwords, called Kindle Unlimited a "cancerous ulcer": "It will undermine gesamteVerlagsbranche," he said to Atlantic.

    Critique AnKnebelverträgen has been around for a long time. The publishing group Hachette had a long dispute with Amazon, and was able to enforce diePreise of its e-books mselves with great difficulty. The small Roman publisher Edizionie/O, which publishes among or things books of best-selling author Elena Ferrane, rejected Amazon's demands for a higher discount ( speech was from 50Prozent discount on selling price). However, such cases are rar exception.

    Date Of Update: 31 July 2018, 12:00

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