The strike at France 3 enters its third week

And three

The strike at France 3 enters its third week

And three. Unless there are any surprises, the current strike within the France 3 newspapers will enter its third week on Wednesday, November 22. It's been two weeks since, instead of the editions called "ICI", set up at the start of the school year in place of "12-13" at midday and "19-20" at the start of the evening, viewers of France 3 is content with “degraded” news. All regions, except Corsica, have already been affected.

Monday, November 20, “19 editions out of 24 were broadcast, including 5 at 100%, while the rate of strikers was 4.3%, or 91 people, for midday, and 3.31% (71 people ) in the evening,” France Télévisions is told. “In percentage terms, there are few strikers, but it is the visibility of the mobilization that counts,” underlines Raoul Advocat, SNJ union delegate. Organized into fifty-nine minute work stoppages, the movement multiplies its impact even more as four trade union organizations (SNJ, CGT, CFDT, FO) stand together to reject the conditions for implementing this reform.

Brought to air on September 4, the new “ICI” information sessions are supposed to compile international, national and regional news according to a hierarchy decided in each of the 24 regions where, previously, the national editions of “12-13” or “19-20” took care of anything that was not local.

Overwhelmed scripts

“We are going from two daily national editions on France 3 to 48 regional editions,” rejoiced Delphine Ernotte, the president of France Télévisions, at the start of the school year in Le Monde, delighted to offer “less Parisian-centric” news. Except that the regions found themselves having to manage conductors (the running of the newspapers) much longer than before, the editorial staff only discovering the duration of the subjects to be integrated, produced in Paris, very late. Despite the contribution of “60 full-time equivalents”, the surplus of work has caused “a major crisis”, according to the unions. “We deplore 14 workplace accidents,” assures Mr. Advocate, who points in particular to the situation of script workers, who are overwhelmed.

On the 17th, the management of France Télévisions made proposals (increase in the number of scripts, supply for three months of a 7-minute all-image “ready to broadcast” to deal with national and international information.). “The account is not there. Still not,” wrote the unions on Sunday evening, causing the management’s offer to lapse. No new negotiation meetings are scheduled.