Theresa May: a breakneck Brexit maneuver

Both Brexit fanatics and EU supporters criticize Theresa Mays's white paper. Perhaps that is why it is a good basis for further negotiations.

Theresa May: a breakneck Brexit maneuver
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    Theresa May was lucky. Her umstrittenesWeißbuch to Brexit did not even make it to first page in newspapers. No matter how great annoyance of Brexit fanatics in Conservative Party, wieprekär ir position as prime Minister, is: US President Donald Trumpdominierte with his Visit headlines. The planned revolt of hardliners such as Jacob Rees-Mogg, David Davis and Boris Johnson was postponed to later.

    That doesn't mean Theresa May doesn't have to worry. She sold concept of a wax soft Brexit, which cabinet had decided against on July 7, in public as "Brexit is Brexit". But ir adversaries are already planning how to torpedo this plan. Shortly, representatives of a "hard" Brexit, or even a "no Deal", led by Rees-Mogg, will bring forward legislative proposals in Parliament that may put a leg. The proposals are designed to torpedo Brexit plan as set out in white paper. However, it is not likely that revolt will succeed.

    Why? Theresa May, in fact, can claim that her Brexit plan – if EU is going to do so – is formally fulfilling all conditions of British. Maybrachte your plan in British tabloid newspaper Sun to point. Three things are always Wichtigstegewesen in referendum and Brexit discussion: "Is re finally an end to unimpeded immigration? Can wirdunsere close ir own trade agreements? And will we no longer fall under dasDiktat of European Court of Justice? It is good that I can say on all three points: Yes, yes and yes. "

    Mays White Paper to make impossible possible

    The white Paper presented by new Brexit Minister Dominique Raab in parliament is complicated. But orwise impossible is not to be achieved, on one hand InGroßbritannien a "Brexit is Brexit" to celebrate, but at same time EUentgegenzukommen to not ruin economy.

    For example, United Kingdom should formally leave EU customs union and EU internal market, but at same time remain connected with EU in a kind of free trade area fürGüter, in or words ZumBinnenmarkt retain full access in this area. This is necessary to ensure that companies, especially DieAutomobilindustrie, can work toger smoothly on both sides of border and that time-critical supply chains are not interrupted, i.e. KeinerleiZollformalitäten and no EU quality standards Tested manufactured.

    This implies that UK will continue to adhere to European regulations throughout trade of goods. Legally, however, European regulations do not apply – as within EU – immediately and automatically. But British Parliament must first implement it. This allows May to claim that BritischeParlament can act sovereignly, thus acting in its own power. However, with risk of market access to EU, Vorschriftennicht should be respected.

    Date Of Update: 13 July 2018, 12:02

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