This Is Help for Taking the Theory Test for Your Driver’s License

In many countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, and the United Arab Emirates

This Is Help for Taking the Theory Test for Your Driver’s License

In many countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, and the United Arab Emirates, in order to earn a driving license, there are two parts to the testing. First is known as the theory of driving test or the written test. It has been reported that in the UAE, the failure rate for this part of getting a driver’s license, is quite high.

Test site

To overcome this problem this driving test site where anyone from UAE can study, learn and have a better chance of passing this theory test. This free RTA Theory Test site is just like the real test and it is hard just like the real test. You can learn hundreds of questions in a dozen categories. There is almost a 50% fail rate for this test in the UAE. This will help you with three different tests including:

  • Light Motor Theory test
  • Motorcycle Theory test
  • Truck and Bus Theory test

What you will find

At this website, you are offered a free mock “RTA theory” test designed to help people in UAE to prepare for the questions that are most likely to be asked on the real theory test. All these questions were taken from three handbooks and will help you train before the real “RTA Theory test”. The handbooks used are:

  • Motorcycle Handbook – a guide to safe riding
  • Light Motor Vehicle Handbook – a guide to safe driving
  • Truck and Bus Handbook – a guide to safe driving

These handbooks can be downloads to use as study guides.


This website also has a great blog with many interesting articles including:

  • Taking and passing the driving test in Abu Dhabi.
  • Common mistakes to avoid when taking the Dubai driving test.
  • Tips to overcome nerves when taking driving tests.
  • 10 tips to pass the UAE/Dubai driving test.

Subject important to study

Prior to taking the theory test, one subject that is important to know is Texting and Driving. It is important in almost every country and the UAE is just the same. Texting and driving is a big problem especially in groups of teens. Drivers in their teens are not only texting but they are also:

  • Checking their emails
  • Surfing the internet
  • Talking on the phone to friends

It seems that these habits every year are causing approximately 330,000 injuries from car accidents. Each day, 11 teens die from driving while texting.

Changing times

The major purpose of this site is to help with the very high failure rate in the UAE for this Theory type of test. As countries have grown and become more Westernized, many things are changing. This is true in the amount of traffic now in every community and what it takes for the government to ensure they are putting safe drivers on the roads. Now, with the internet and its technology, there are novel and new ways to help change these situations – that is what this website is attempting to do.

Before you register to take this Theory test, it is important to spend time with the website so that you can pass this test with flying colors.

John Thunberbold

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