Time-Economic Council: advise the time!

The economic Department of Time dares something new and establishes a Economic council. You want to be there? You can apply here.

Time-Economic Council: advise the time!

The business editor of time is always on lookout for as diverse life experiences, stories, views and ideas as possible. We want to try something new and we are looking for readers who want to talk to us on a regular basis.

Economy: These are more than Dax and interest for us. We would like to learn more about how changes in economy and decisions in economic policy affect your everyday life and career, what is going well and what needs to be done better. We want to experience this from a broad spectrum of people, from social workers to entrepreneurs, from students to capital managers, from mor of a small child to a pensioner.

Members of our 12-member Economic council are regularly interviewed by our editors for one year, come forward with ir work, consumption and savings experiences in time, are available to us with suggestions and become exclusive Events of time invited.

You can apply by using this form:

The time Economic Council is a project of time in collaboration with time online and Friends of time, exclusive offer with events, seminars and editorial visits for our subscribers.

Date Of Update: 26 July 2018, 12:02

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