Toll Collect: A cartel against the taxpayers

Toll Collect has charged the state with a lot of millions of euros in truck tolls for years. The government allowed himself to be fooled and learned little from it. Why?

Toll Collect: A cartel against the taxpayers

Wedler originally learned beer brewing profession, and he saddled business studies. It is not first difficult situation in his professional life. But this makes him special. Even in ski holiday he talks about hardly anything else. "That was a constant psychic burden," says Wedler today. After all, he gets sick for several weeks, suffers from exhaustion and sleep disorders.

At this time, at end of March 2012, contract to extend toll on federal roads is closed. In it, expected operating costs are those 5.3 million euros, which Wedler is perceived as a scam. She gets paid toll collect every year. The contract also establishes a guaranteed return of five million euros per year, as well as success and risk premiums. It, according to a representative of Federal Ministry of Travel to Berlin Public Prosecutor's Office, adds up to more than 50 million euros over term of contract.

A contract with quasi-risk-free profits for a private company, guaranteed by State. Can it really be that toll collect is still not enough, that group is also cheating?

Date Of Update: 13 August 2018, 12:00

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