Trade dispute: China counters US tariffs directly

China immediately responded to the US import duties. The government in Beijing has levied a few hours after the entry into force of customs duties on products from the USA.

Trade dispute: China counters US tariffs directly

Shortly after entry into force of US import duties on goods from China, Beijing has imposed its own tariffs as announced. "The Chinese measures are in force with immediate effect," a spokesman for Chinese Foreign Ministry shared. However, he did not include details of certain US products, which are now also subject to customs duties or to value of se goods.

The US tariffs on Chinese goods have been in force since midnight US east Coast time. They concern a total of 818 products mainly from high-tech sector, including cars, aircraft parts and hard drives. Its value is 34 billion dollars (29 billion euro). China had announced that it would impose tariffs in same value.

The leadership in Beijing criticized introduction of import duties on part of US: Washington is starting "biggest trade war of economic history". The Foreign Office spokesman affirmed that this was " last thing we want". No one wins in a trade war.

US president Donald Trump justifies his customs policy with enormous US trade deficit with China, which he regards as an expression of an unfair trading relationship. He has already threatened to impose additional duties on Chinese goods worth a total of 400 billion dollars.

Date Of Update: 06 July 2018, 12:02

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