Trade dispute: China responds to us tariffs with countermeasures

The trade dispute between China and the United States has reached another round. From 23 August, both countries will introduce new customs duties of 16 billion dollars each.

Trade dispute: China responds to us tariffs with countermeasures

Only hours after US government imposed new tariffs on Chinese imports, government reacts in Beijing: The local Department of Commerce announced donations of 25 percent to US imports in volume of 16 billion dollars. It immediately responded to a decision by US government, which was only a few hours old, which, in turn, wants to burden imports from People's Republic to same extent with tariffs of 25 per cent. Both measures will apply from 23 August.

"This is a very inappropriate practice," Chinese Department of Commerce criticized US decision. Their countermeasures take a total of 333 US goods, including diesel and coal, but also steel products and medical technology. According to office of US trade representative, a total of 279 Chinese product groups are affected by new tariffs.

US President Donald Trump is disturbing his country's huge deficit in trade with China. While U.S. was worth 130 billion US dollars to execute China, ExportiertChina goods worth 500 billion US dollars to United States.

Levies on cars, soy and meat

In mid-July, Trump said he was willing to impose duties on all Chinese imports. The US was "a long time from China ripped off", Trump criticized. China again criticized that US would destroy mutual trade with ever-new customs duties.

Since July 6th, US tariffs have been applied to Chinese imports of 34 billion dollars. While US was aiming at household appliances and electronics, China raised levies on cars, but also on agricultural products such as soybeans, pork, beef and dairy products.

The second tranche of US tariffs is now aimed at commodities such as metals, lubricants, chemicals and again electronics. The government in Beijing, on or hand, wants to occupy commodities such as coal and gas, motorcycles and or vehicles with customs duties.

Updated Date: 09 August 2018, 12:00

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