Trade dispute: Russia imposes tariffs on US products

The Russian government has decided to impose additional charges on goods from the United States. The country, like China and the EU, is affected by us tariffs on steel.

Trade dispute: Russia imposes tariffs on US products

Russia has announced that it would levy additional duties on a number of imports from United States. This was a reaction to tariffs on imports of steel and aluminium which had been imposed by country in March. The move is in line with rules of World Trade Organisation (WTO), said Minister of Economic Development, Maxim Oreschkin.

The Moscow government has already decided on step, but no furr details have been mentioned. It was said to be US goods, for which re were local substitutes. So Russian economy does not take any damage.

The US government has imposed customs duties on steel and aluminium imports for reasons of national security. The EU, India, China and Russia have refore turned to WTO.

The EU countries had already launched tariffs of 2.8 billion euros on US goods last week.

Date Of Update: 20 June 2018, 12:02

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