Trade dispute: Trump imposes punitive duties against China

US President Trump has announced punitive tariffs of 25 percent on Chinese goods. China wants to fight back – it is risking, according to Trump, a tightening of measures.

Trade dispute: Trump imposes punitive duties against China

U.S. President Donald Trump has announced punitive tariffs of 25 percent to a number of Chinese products. Affected are imported products worth 50 billion dollars (42 billion euros), Trump said. The decision was made by Trump on Thursday after consultations with his closest trading advisors, Wall Street Journal reported.

It is true that friendship with PräsidentXi Jinping and relationship with China are very important to him, sagteTrump, but situation is no longer to be included. The White House gehtaber does not indicate when duties actually become effective.

The Chinese government announced counter-measures immediately after Trump's communication. China would impose customs duties to same extent on US imports, Department of Commerce reported. The Chinese government called on or countries to "joint action" against US trade policy.

Trump had threatened China with additional charges if it were to levy duties.

Customs duties on soy beans and whiskey

Beijing Hatteschon published a list of US products in spring, which would hit China's 25 per cent tariffs, including soybeans, smaller aircraft and cars, but also whiskey, cigarettes and deep-frozen beef. In total, re were 106 products, also worth 50 billion dollars.

Trump Wechseltein has repeatedly taken his course over China over past few months: so he took back harteSanktionen against Chinese mobile phone manufacturer ZTE, because that's why company went almost bankrupt. In May verkündetedie US government even imHandelsstreit an agreement with China in meantime, but n decided shortly to continue to prepare Dieangekündigten punitive tariffs.

Date Of Update: 16 June 2018, 12:02

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