Trade War: USA announces new import duties against China

Fish and alarm systems: The United States has published a list of goods from China that could fall under trade restrictions. China reacted with incomprehension.

Trade War: USA announces new import duties against China

The US government has presented a list of or goods worth 200 billion US dollars to which new tariffs against China can be levied. U.S. President Donald Trump instructed him to start trial, Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer shared on Tuesday evening (local time). The hearings before a possible entry into force should last until end of August. Tariffs of ten per cent are foreseen. The list contains more than 6,000 products, including fish, apples and alarm systems.

China reacted with incomprehension to announcements. These were "absolutely unacceptable", Ministry of Commerce of country shared with. The Beijing government promised to respond to retaliation in escalating trade conflict.

The Chinese Ministry of Commerce has said that list of United States is unacceptable. The government would be forced to impose necessary countermeasures to defend its core interests. One would immediately submit a complaint to World Trade Organisation in Geneva. "The behavior of United States harms China, harms world and harms itself," said a spokesman. It was "irrational".

Last week, after US tariffs, China had responded to Chinese imports of 34 billion dollars worth of retaliation at same level.

Date Of Update: 12 July 2018, 12:02

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