Turkey elections: Who can stop Erdoğan now?

On Sunday, Turkey chooses. It will be very close

Turkey elections: Who can stop Erdoğan now?
On Sunday, Turkey chooses. It will be very close to 23 June 2018, 15:18 UhrEditiert on June 23 2018, 15:18 UhrDIE time no 26/201866 comments

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I've been watching Erdoğan for 20 years. He hasn't made mistakes he made in last 20 days in last 20 years. Last week, he called his followers down from podium three times "answer, Diyarbakır!" and n asked, "Why don't you react?" They did not react because he was not in city of Diyarbakır, but in Bingöl. In Zonguldak, too, he forgot name of city three times, and he asked, "Why is that?" When he did not invade names of provinces visited on same day, y were querrec to him, which was also clearly heard in front of screen. In a discussion about 1980s, he said that communists wanted to sell bridges, which y had not succeeded in doing. But opposite was true. He claimed to have sat in a class with 75 students at time of manifest, but he was not yet in world at this time. He titled his opponent with "Mr. Erdoğan" instead of "Mr. Muharrem".

Can Dündar

is editor-in-chief of Internet platform Özgürüz. He is now writing for Us Weekly about crisis in Turkey.

Everyone is wondering what's going on with Erdoğan. Some see a health problem, ors a political one. After 16 years of government, he has an extremely critical choice. If he loses, he may have to go to court. Participation in its rallies is declining, as is ratings of television broadcasts in which it occurs. His election promise to open a café with a free cake edition in every quarter became target of ridicule. He seems annoying, tired and without self-confidence.

Despite all se decaying phenomena, he and his party are ahead of polls. In order to be first president of Turkey after abolition of parliamentary system, he must reach an absolute majority in first ballot. At last election he got 49.5 percent. In order to secure output, this time he allied himself with MHP, which at that time brought it to 11.9 percent. With se figures, election profit should be guaranteed. But his party seems to fall behind, and MHP is practically in end.

He is facing a four-party alliance of Middle-right and left-wing parties. A credible survey sees both alliances par (around 44 percent). The rash will refore be behavior of HDP, which is neir a member of one nor of or alliance. The HDP candidate Selahattin Demirtaş leads out of prison cell in which he sits for 20 months, a dazzling election campaign.

This article comes from time No. 26/2018. Here you can read entire output.

If Erdoğan does not reach more than 50 percent in first ballot, it seems possible that entire opposition would agree on Social Democratic candidate Muharrem Ince and Erdoğan would collapse. That makes for excitement. Ince went into race only one and a half months ago and has an unexpected upwind. For his party CHP this time seems to be more in it than usual 25 percent voting share. Ince also appeals to conservatives and Kurds, who CHP is actually distancing from – and thus takes Erdoğan not only his aura of "alternativeism", but also bestows self-confidence on masses, froze in fear of president. In a popular video clip, Ince says, "We're tired of your lies. We're annoyed. It's enough now! " Turkish society seems to have overcome wall of fear that has been built in recent years. On Sunday, wall could collapse.

And if not? Then Erdoğan expects a parliament in which his party is in minority, a freshly revived opposition, a people who satthat him, and an economy in decline. With all this, he must n go to regional elections in cities whose names do not come to him.

Since I'm in Germany, I'm talking about a "different Turkey". She's going to have her gig now.

From Turkish by Sabine Adatepe

Date Of Update: 24 June 2018, 12:02

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