Turkey: Erdoğan's worries

The next presidential examination: the local elections

Turkey: Erdoğan's worries
The next presidential examination: The local elections September 1, 2018, 15:30 UhrEditiert on September 1, 2018, 15:30 UhrDIE time No. 36/201853 comments

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After presidential and parliamentary elections, Turkey is expecting a third audit with local elections. Having won first two elections, albeit with difficulty, ruling AKP is now making last mobile. The opposition has lost all hope of government participation and has been able to use its tepid energy only in municipalities it governs. In coastal towns, social Democratic CHP is strong, in predominantly Kurdish regions HDP. Better said, re are both in distress and breathing laboriously with limited possibilities. The government has taken various precautions to cut through this trachea as well. At beginning of August, a decree put municipal budgets to state. This means that regional autonomy is de facto abolished.

Almost 100 municipalities governed by HDP came to prison during state of emergency because of alleged terrorist support under compulsory administration, most of ir mayors. In se areas, elections are likely to be difficult.

After election defeat, CHP is in shock stare and is engaged in internal disputes. That was what Erdoğan wanted to use and, just as he had done in parliamentary elections, prefer local elections scheduled for next March on November, in order to seize power in regions as well. But he could not convince his nationalist partner MHP.

Can Dündar

is editor-in-chief of Internet platform Özgürüz. He is now writing for Us Weekly about crisis in Turkey.

The key to local elections is in Istanbul. "Those who lose Istanbul lose Turkey," is a popular slogan in Turkish politics. Erdoğan climbed also made first steps to power with election to mayor of Istanbul 1994. Since n he has not lost a municipal election in Istanbul. In elections last June, he received 50 percent re for presidency, but his party in parliamentary elections was only 42 percent. The scissors between personal charisma and voices for his party, an inevitable consequence of one-man regimes, worries Erdoğan. On trips he experienced that party people applauded him, but local mayors of his party ausbuhten. That's why he's now going ahead, making surveys, looking for new candidates, sharpening his party officials, mixing "unrecognized" among people and feeling pulse.

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If opposition parties in provinces are weak in developing an alliance strategy in which y support strongest of m, y would be superior in many regions of government. Thus, Erdoğan's dream of absolute power would be a latch.

The greater danger in eyes of president, however, is that consequences of economic crisis affect elections, that protest, which opposition did not bring about, was n shaken by closed shutters, untilgbaren debts, Family budgets. A look at data makes it seem inevitable. That is one reason why Erdoğan now releases a few prisoners and travels to West.

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