Twitter: chirping in the woods

Twitter boss Jack Dorsey is trying to explain in interviews why his platform does little against hate speech and conspiracy theorists. It's going to be fine.

Twitter: chirping in the woods
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    A couple of concessions that something went wrong and continues to run wrong, a bit of mea culpa and a lot of perplexity: because of this variety Interviewaus say Mark Zuckerberg and his social media platform Facebook a while ago Erstso right Under public pressure. In fact, one would assume that as boss of Facebook's big competitor, he would rar not want to emulate point of Zuckerberg. Jack Dorsey, co-founder of Twitterund, CEO of text messaging service, does just that.

    On weekend CNN aired an interview with Dorsey, a few days zuvorbereits one with NBC Vorangegangenwar, in which quite cloudy talked about wanting to banish hostile statements from ir own platform. Just like, he didn't know what to say. Problem detected does not necessarily mean also: problem banned. At least boss tells me something. It is called crisis communication, except that in case of Jack Dorseyebenso, it does not seem to work at Mark Zuckerberg as before.

    Facebook has not only been struggling with self-inflicted scandals for data use, but since election of Donald Trumps in year 2016 also with discussion of its own role in dissemination of targeted false information. Twitter, in turn, is alsLieblingsplattform by incumbent US president since his election, daily in news cited as a place where he utterly expresses himself in permanence – a way that had previously not been angemessenbetrachtet as office and its dignity. Twitter has also become synonymous with Trump for Eskalierendeöffentliche debates, for unbridled hate speech, for insulting and Beleidigtwerden.

    When someone tweets to guns

    Docherst reactions to Twitter's unwillingness to remove American conspiracy orist Alex Jones and contents of his website Infowars definitively from ir own platform, Dorsey has now moved Offenbarzum start of an interview offensive. The tech competition has forced him to do this, because unlike Twitter, Alex Jones has banished him in remarkable harmony in recent weeks: on YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo and Pinterest, as well as in apples and SpotifysPodcastangebot, you won't find a clue More from Infowars and right-to-right extreme popular radio presenter. Among or things, he claimed that massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newton in year 2012habe never occurred. A single perpetrator murdered 27 people in this school, including 20 children. Lastly, Jones called his fans bluntly to grab DenWaffen in case of one of him herbeifantasiertenBürgerkrieges against U.S. media.

    Even in a country where freedom of public speech is almost unrestricted, Jones ' statements are considered potentially so dangerous that kaumProtest could be dismissed against refusal of tech companies to continue dessenBotschaften on ir own Platforms.

    On Twitter, however, Jones was last only temporarily banned, for seven days. You can still call all accounts connected to it. And apart from apparently individual deletions that Twitter has only after Nutzerbeschwerdenvorgenommen, activities of se accounts can still be traced completely.

    AlsCNN moderator Brian Stelter The Twitter boss Jack Dorsey now on Jones Ansprachund on wher a temporary lock will seriously lead to a change dessenVerhalten on Twitter, Dorsey replied: "We have Hinweisedarauf that such measures can actually change behaviors. I'm is not so naïve as to believe that this is case with every user. Abereinen attempt is worth it. " Which, in turn, sounds naïve.

    Mankönne did not constantly change his own regulations to Einzelfällenanzupassen m, said Dorsey. Companies such as Twitter were afraid to make ir own employees ' personal adjustments to individual users to Maßstabfür any decisions about ir Twitter accounts. "The Würdesich happen to feel random and unfair," said Dorsey, and would increase no one's confidence in an indie platform.

    Date Of Update: 21 August 2018, 12:00

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