UK: British government prepares citizens for Brexit problems

Invalid driving licences, high roaming charges, limited freedom of travel: The government in London has listed problems in the event of an EU exit without an agreement.

UK: British government prepares citizens for Brexit problems

The British government has updated its guide to a possible hard Brexit. The London ministry, which is responsible for EU exit, published a furr 28 recommendations for citizens, should negotiations with European Union fail. Both EU and United Kingdom have been preparing for this no-deal scenario for months. They do not have much time left: In a short half year, Britain wants to leave, an agreement is currently considered unlikely.

At end of August British government had already published a first part of guide for a hard Brexit. This guide will be completed by end of September with a total of around 80 recommendations for private and business people. The new recommendations relate, among or things, to validity of British driving licences, mobile tariffs, emission rules and import and export of goods.

The British authorities are warning, for example, that British driving licences may not be valid on continent in future. Their owners would have to obtain eir a school or an international driving licence. Conversely, EU citizens can continue ir national driving licence on island. British people are also threatened with high mobile phone costs when travelling. While EU citizens do not have to pay roaming charges in EU, it could become expensive again after Brexit for British. This could be a particular nuisance for frontier ended Norrn Ireland if your local provider sends a weaker signal than an EU foreign provider.

Evidence of "extent of disturbances"

The paper of government in London includes, among or things, diebesonders controversial question of future border traffic between to Kingdom of Norrn Ireland and EU member Ireland. According to this, Irish citizens should be allowed to fall into a no deal as y have been to Britain einreisenund re. Routine border controls at Reisenz wipe neighbors should not give it.

The president of CBI Business association, Carolyn Fairbairn, said that recommendations were proof of "extent of disruption" that citizens and businesses would expect. She asked all sides to reach an agreement and to avoid a hard Brexit.

The government in London must conclude negotiations with EU representatives until EU summit in October. Thereafter, only a few months remain for ratification of exit Treaty by parliaments of both sides. The withdrawal is scheduled for March 29, 2019. In case of a hard Brexit, i.e. an exit without agreement with EU, United Kingdom will be subject to usual rules of World Trade Organisation from this date, including numerous border and customs restrictions on trading with EU.

Updated Date: 14 September 2018, 12:00

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