Traveling to Iceland to admire the northern lights is one of the great experiences that one should not miss in life. But many of these trips end up failing because the phenomenon does not occur or simply because the clouds prevent us from observing it. That happened to a British couple who traveled to Iceland, where she accepted his marriage proposal, albeit with no northern lights in sight.

But Adam Groves and his fiancée, Jasmine Mapp, weren’t expecting the gift that an EasyJet pilot was going to give them on their return flight to Manchester. And it is that the commander of the ship decided to vary the route after observing the wonderful phenomenon so that the passengers could glimpse the dazzling northern lights.

The newly engaged had spent their entire trip unsuccessfully chasing the aurora borealis, and it was on the return flight that the elusive phenomenon made itself visible. Although unfortunately it was only visible from one side of the plane, just where they were not located. Then the pilot of the plane came to the rescue, who began to turn the plane 360 ​​degrees so that everyone on board could see the northern lights.

“We were hoping to see them while we were there, but we didn’t get the chance,” Groves told the BBC. “We took off and halfway through the flight the pilot turned off all the lights and you could see the view out the left window,” he continued. “But we were sitting on the right hand side and after a few minutes the driver changed gears and did a 360-degree turn for everyone to see.”

The two said it was the “perfect ending” to their life-changing trip after their engagement “After days of getting in the car trying to find the Northern Lights without seeing them, finally being able to see them in the sky was the perfect ending to a very special trip,” Mapp told the BBC.

An EasyJet spokeswoman said she was pleased the pilot was able to “carry out a controlled manoeuvre” so passengers could get a view “of one of nature’s wonders.”

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