Uploader: EU parliament rejects copyright reform

Whether Google or YouTube will have to use uploads in the future remains open. Parliament is expected to reconsider this in September.

Uploader: EU parliament rejects copyright reform

The European Parliament has, for time being, given a rejection of plans to reform EU copyright law with controversial Uploadfiltern. MEPs voted against fact that negotiations on current legislation are going to next round with Member States. Instead, Parliament is expected to reconsider draft and to adopt amendments in September. MEPs could also discard it. In Parliament, 278 members voted for proposal of Committee on Legal Affairs, 318 rejected it and 31 abstained.

One of reform proposals is that online platforms such as YouTube will have to check wher y are protected by copyright in future while uploading content. Technically it would be possible with Uploadfiltern, a special software. It is also a question of introducing a right of performance in EU. After that, platforms like Google will no longer be allowed to display headlines or excerpts of press releases without furr information. They would need a permit and would have to pay for it if necessary.

Critics of possible EU reform criticize fact that German performance law has proved to be almost ineffective. The costs of enforcing law exceeded by far low income of publishers. They also fear that upload filter could restrict freedom of expression.

Negotiations between Parliament, EU states and Commission can only begin after plenary vote. It is questionable, according to European Parliament, wher y can be completed before European elections in May 2019. It was not impossible, it was said in Committee on Legal Affairs. "But n we have to negotiate very quickly." The issue is also controversial in Council of 28 EU states. France, for example, is committed to proposed strengning of copyright, Germany is sceptical.

Date Of Update: 06 July 2018, 12:02

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