US Ambassador: Richard Grenell to have demanded duty-free for US cars

The US ambassador in Germany apparently met with the Chiefs of German car manufacturers. This should be about ways out of the customs dispute.

US Ambassador: Richard Grenell to have demanded duty-free for US cars

US ambassador Richard Grenell met with head of leading German auto companies on Wednesday to discuss a solution in customs dispute. At meeting in US embassy, he put a two-sided lifting of all charges on both sides of game, Handelsblatt reported, citing participants.

Grenell should have said that he had been instructed to seek a solution to trade conflict with Germany and EU from Washington. According to Handelsblatt, meeting was attended by Chiefs of Daimler, BMW and VW, Dieter Zetsche, Harald Krüger and Herbert dies, as well as chiefs of large car suppliers.

The managers wanted to reiterate to familiar of US president Donald Trump that an escalating trade dispute would not benefit anyone, newspaper reported. It is a good sign "that you stay in Exchange" and this "does not happen via Twitter". If, in fact, re are barriers on both sides, that would be positive, it said.

According to report, on 6 June, on edge of a board meeting of Association of Automotive Industry, re was a discussion between Grenell and leading car managers. This time round with ambassador was much smaller.

Until now, US president had given no sign of agreement in trade dispute with EU. According to tariffs already in force on steel and aluminium, Donald Trump threatened EU with import duties on cars and car parts of 20 percent. That would hit German manufacturers hard. They performed cars worth 20 billion dollars in USA last year. In case of new US tariffs on cars, EU again threatened to take countermeasures. These could hit US products worth 294 billion dollars, EU Commission warned on Monday.

Date Of Update: 05 July 2018, 12:02

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