US hip Hop: Feeling and calculus

Kanye West has produced five new albums, but who Cares 39; s? Death and music of the controversial rapper XXXTentacion overshadow the former Tonangeber of pop.

US hip Hop: Feeling and calculus
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    As always, plan was to put hip-hop world upside down. That's where Kanye West finally is. Not every one of seven albums he published between 2004 and 2016 is now considered an unassailable masterpiece, but all records of rapper and producer from Chicago have shaped sound and self-image of pop music for a while. West made Autogetuneten Smut-R-' n '-B, when nobody knew weeking yet. He lured hip-hop into stadium and, when competition arrived re, was long on way towards forest. Two years ago, he released life of Pablo, an unfinished album for Spotify Generation. Possible that West still Dayton around in free minutes.

    Not that re had been a lot of free minutes last. The major artist's food point last year was in Wyoming, state with lowest population density and fewest distraction possibilities. Between steppe and ski resort, West produced five albums that appeared in last five weeks: one for mselves, one with edifying musician Kid Cudi, and one for drug deal-rapper Pusha T, conspiracy orists and opponents NAS As well as soul singer Teyana Taylor. Hot Squad! When all ir records had been published, hip-hop world was actually head. Unfortunately, it had nothing to do with West.

    The overshadowing event of recent rap past is assassination of XXXTentacion on June 18th in Deerfield Beach, Florida. At age of 20, rapper and singer, who is actually called Jahseh Onfroy, was shot in parking lot of a motorcycle house. Armed robbery. His work and life have since become focus of controversial discussions. Indirectly, it is also about current level of damage to career of Kanye West.

    The career of Onfroy took a ride when artist who served a prison sentence for violated probation conditions almost two years ago. While his song Look at me! Went through ceiling, public learned of anor trial against Onfroy: his pregnant ex-girlfriend accused him of dangerous assault, domestic violence and deprivation of liberty. In addition, re was a charge for witness manipulation. Onfroy denied all accusations. In his music he stylized himself as a victim of evil-minded women and competitors, as well as a career that was marked by isolation and violence in childhood.

    Unfiltered emotional eruptions

    The accusations did not diminish his success. While pop-feuilleton and more critical part of rap press still have possibility of separating artists and works Sinnierten, Onfroys fans answered this question with a hundred millions streams for mselves. The debut album of XXXTentacion reached in summer of 2017 place two of US charts, its successor? The top position last March. With harsh songs brushed on absolute aunticity, Onfroy hit a nerve with his overwhelmingly young audience. After all, re was nothing to discuss.

    Between excited plucked emo guitars, distorted grunge chords and new metal roar, everything is used in music of XXXTentacion, which has proved itself in past 30 years as a musical indicator of male desperation. Onfroy adored Nirvana, Papa Roach and Coldplay. The tendency of se bands to seemingly unfiltered feeling eruption was carried over into modern rap productions. Added to this was appeal of forbidden and patic gestures of Brorhood, with which Onfroy his fans for better times.

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