US photographer: David Douglas Duncan is dead

His soldier portraits and recordings of the painter Pablo Picasso made him world famous: the US photographer David Douglas Duncan is dead. He died at the age of 102 years.

US photographer: David Douglas Duncan is dead

DerUS-American photographer David Douglas Duncan died. This was confirmed by head Picasso Museum of Antibes, Jean-Louis Andral. Duncan was on Monday died in hospital in sourn French Grasse on consequences of EinerLungenentzündung, said Andral, who was after his own Angabenein longtime friend of photographer. Duncan was 102 years old.

Der1916 was born in U.S. state of Kansas, and served as a Marine infantryman during World War II. Lately he developed AlsKriegsfotograf among ors ethylalcohol US magazine life. Especially for his recordings from Korean and Vietnam War warDuncan known. Designated cameras as "political weapons".

Duncan became famous mainly for his insistent soldier portraits. A photo must be read like text of a novel, he wrote in 1951 in his collection this is war!. Duncan later became a war opponent, especially when n-President George W. Bush 2003 intervened in Iraq.

Seit1956 was a friend of Duncan with painter Pablo Picasso. It Entstandeine series of personal recordings showing Spanish artists in ir houses and studios. DieFotoessays over 1973 died artists were published in MehrerenBildbänden. In 2014, Duncandem Picasso Museum in Westphalian Minster had given 160 photos that Picasso showed in his Villa La Californiein in south of France.

Duncanlebte has been Nördlichvon Cannes or Côte d'azur since 1960s.

The photo of David Douglas Duncan shows Pablo Picasso in Bathtub (Cannes, 1956). © David Douglas Duncan/Handout/DPA condolence book

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Date Of Update: 09 June 2018, 12:02

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