US sanctions: USA pushing for global import stop of Iranian oil

The US government continues to deal with companies that do business with Iran. From November onwards, States must also expect sanctions to buy Iranian oil.

US sanctions: USA pushing for global import stop of Iranian oil

The United States wants to achieve a worldwide import ban on Iranian oil. Against states that did not follow this, sanctions would be imposed from 4 November onwards, said a high-level representative of US Department of State for several news agencies. Exceptions will not exist. The crackdown on Iran is "one of our top priorities for national security."

Iran should be financially dried out in this way, official said. He announced that a US delegation will travel to Gulf region in KommendenWoche. The oil exporters re are committed to increasing production so that global supply will not be affected.

With announcement, US is not only attacking financial base of Iran, whose export revenues are about 70 to 80 percent from petroleum sector. It should be noted that this will not only be case with our own allies, especially in case of importers, said government representative. "The reason why y will do it anyway is ir relationship with us." In principle, all countries were concerned that talks would be held, inter alia, with China, India and Turkey.

European US allies are also under pressure because of American Iran policy. In May, US President Donald Trump announced withdrawal from nuclear agreement with Iran and reinstated massive economic sanctions against country. On or hand, or signatories to nuclear agreement, including Germany, want to stick to agreement and not give up ir economic ties with Iran. The nuclear agreement is intended to prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons. According to IAEA International Atomic Energy Agency, Iran has always kept to agreement.

The US sanctions provide for penalties for any international company that does not withdraw from Iran within 180 days. Aircraft manufacturer Boeing, France's energy giant Total and Danish shipping company Maersk have already announced ir withdrawal, as well as French carmaker PSA.

Date Of Update: 27 June 2018, 12:02

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