US tariffs: Just a little crazy

US president Donald Trump has globalized nationalism. Until the damage is fully visible, time will pass. Repairing them will take even longer.

US tariffs: Just a little crazy

It is a historic turning-off. U.S. President Donald Trump Zerstörtdas Foundation on which international trade policy since second Weltkriegfußt: global stability and loyalty to closest allies. It Warendie USA, under whose FederführungInstitutionen World Trade Organization was built. Sure, always for benefit of USA. But usually toger with WestlichenPartnern, whose values one shares.

These times are over. The Trump ´ logic is: The US alone is stronger. Bilateral agreements would make America more useful alszähe negotiations in a big round, believes US president. Multilateralism? Now a foreign word for American administration. The VerbaleAufrüstung culminated last week in absurd utterance that EU Seiallein been founded to compete economically with US.

Trump plunges world into an unprecedented conflict

With its globalized nationalism, Donald Trump DieWelt has plunged into a trade conflict that has not existed since thirties of last century. DerUS-President has imposed import duties on steel and aluminium, exceptions to EU have been deleted. Brussels has adopted countermeasures, as did government in Beijing.

On Friday, US customs duties against China in of EUR 34 billion euros came into force. The Chinese response came promptly. And so spiral is spinning faster: Trump has reserved to introduce additional duties in a volume of 200 billion dollars or even 500Milliarden dollars. So high are entire Chinese Importein USA. At same time, trumps US ambassador in Berlin is conducting talks with Chefsder German auto companies and not with EU in Brussels. His proposal: To remove AlleAutozölle between United States and EU. A transfigured attempt to split regions.

In end, development is still one: Vollkommenirre. There will be no winners if prices rise and global growth drops. When more and more tariffs are Welthandeleinschränken. Even today, US corporations are postponing ir investment decisions because y do not know what Trump decides tomorrow. or Siebauen new locations outside US such as motorcycle manufacturer Harley Davidson. And are insulted by Trump via Twitter.

Is re a good end?

Even though resistance – especially from American economy – is now increasing: re is nothing to indicate that DieserKonflikt finds a quick or even good end. The Trump-Administrationscheint is deeply convinced that US would be pulled over table from rest of world. It is one of Trump's central campaign promises to end diesevermeintliche exploitation. The consequences for DieWeltwirtschaft in long term are of no consequence to US President. He is one who is praised for his patriotism on his home channel Fox News.

The only straw world Klammernkann is American voter. Perhaps at some point he will realize that in Rustbelt no new jobs are created, future is not in coal, but everything becomes more expensive. If this is case, it will still take a long time to repair enormous damage.

Date Of Update: 07 July 2018, 12:02

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