US trade dispute: Europe wants to act closed against US import duties

The World Trade Organisation has already initiated proceedings against the United States. US president Donald Trump remains adamant despite the worldwide criticism.

US trade dispute: Europe wants to act closed against US import duties
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    After US decision to Importzöllenauf steel and aluminium imports from EU, BundeswirtschaftsministerPeter Altmaier initially anticipates negative consequences for USA itself. The import duties would "cause a lot of economic damage". The harmful Auswirkungenwürden in USA earlier and more noticeable than in Europe, said Altmaier in ARD day mes.

    The US decision was also not in accordance with rules of World Trade Organisation (WTO), criticized Altmaier. But solidarity within European Union had been strengned, as DieLänder would now be discussing joint actions. The WTO had initiated proceedings which could make countermeasures possible. Calculate for coming days with many announcements from USA and Europe. He wanted to "not be bluffed by this first", said Altmaier.

    The federal Minister of Finance had already pointed out earlier that it had already been possible to "override a US customs measure, through common and closed appearance of Europeans". In LetztenStahlstreit with USA from 2002, EU had been given legal rights before WTO, Derdamalige US President George W. Bush lifted tariffs.

    U.S. Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross had informed us that United States is diesemFreitaging tariffs on Importevon steel and aluminium from EU. U.S. President Donald Trump had imposed tariffs of 25Prozent on steel and ten percent on aluminium as early as March, but EU granted a provisional exemption.

    The imposition of customs duties überschattetauch G7 meeting of finance ministers in Whistler, Canada. "This is Keinguter day for transatlantic relations," said Finance Minister UndVizekanzler Olaf Scholz (SPD) upon arrival. He will make us FinanzministerSteven Mnuchin clear that re will be countermeasures. "The European Union will now react strongly and also be wise."

    With decision of Trumpstehen in group of seven most important Western industrial nations NUNSECHS states against one – or members Germany, Japan, Italy, France, Great Britain and Canada profess to be free and fairenHandel without Import duties between partners. "The decision of American government to unilaterally zuverhängen punitive duties is wrong," criticized Scholz. "It is auchrechtswidrig in my view, because we have clear rules on how international Zölleentschieden will be. And that's a break with se rules. " It must be quite klarsagen "that reference to fact that this is national security is quite threadbare".

    Criticism of US import duties also from our own country

    French President Emmanuel Macron also criticized imposed US import duties in a phone call with Trump. These were illegal and a mistake, said Macron, as Élysée Palace shared. "Economic nationalism" Bestrafealle, also USA.

    Macron announced that EU would respond "resolutely and appropriately". Macron, who has so far had a good relationship with Trumpeingesetzt, called on US president to take part in negotiations with EU, and Japan, to strengn WTO rules. How Trump reacted, wurdezunächst not communicated.

    US trade Disputes-Canada and Mexico react with retaliation on US import tariffs North American neighbors of United States reacted resolutely to US President Donald Trump's decision to impose import duties on steel and aluminium. Canada now wants to occupy US products with tariffs ranging from 10 to 25 percent. © Photo: Julian Stratenschulte/DPA

    Date Of Update: 01 June 2018, 12:02

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