If you need a new used car with lots of space for the family or hobbies, then a high-roof station wagon like the VW Caddy could be an option. But is it worth it as a used vehicle?

Whether used as a small truck or as an everyday car, which should also give the pragmatist in your free time – the VW Caddy can take a lot. It has proven itself as a load master and its body shape has hardly changed over the years apart from a certain fine-tuning. But during the main inspection (HU), the car – admittedly badly strained by high mileage – shows its weaknesses.

Model history

The Caddy IV under consideration was on offer as a new car from 2015 to 2019. It wasn’t really a new generation, but a renewed thorough facelift of the 2K type, which had been built since 2003 and which from then on was on the road with engines brought to the Euro 6 standard. In 2018, the diesels were converted to Euro 6d Temp.

body variants

The original model from 1979 was still available as a flatbed, the passenger car version of the Caddy IV was only offered as a high-roof station wagon with two wheelbases. Both versions came with a choice of up to seven seats.

The tailgate could be ordered to open upwards in the classic way or as a split wing door variant. From 2016, the higher Caddy Alltrack with all-wheel drive was offered.

Dimensions (according to ADAC)


Thanks to the rigid axle and leaf springs, the Caddy can handle a lot of loads. In the HU, the front lighting performs well above average. According to the “Auto Bild TÜV Report 2022”, the same applies to brake lines and hoses.

Emissions testing (AU) is rarely a problem. On the chassis side, drive shafts as well as the steering system and joints give a decent picture, rust occurs very rarely.


However, the report also writes that specimens without defects are “not often found as often as average”. The problem areas are therefore the axle suspensions, which already have too many defects at the first HU.

During the second check, the diagram shows red for axle springs and damping. Rear lights of all years of construction only cut mau. Right from the first appointment, the Caddy often suffers from badly worn brake discs.

breakdown behavior

The ADAC places the Caddy IV in good places in its breakdown statistics for all years of first registration, while the predecessor sometimes did slightly worse.

The engine

Market prices (according to “DAT Marktspiegel” from Deutsche Automobil Treuhand with each statistically expected kilometers)