Used car check: Mercedes A-Class - again the favorite of the TÜV inspectors

With the A-Class, which has been available since 2018, Mercedes has done a lot right.

Used car check: Mercedes A-Class - again the favorite of the TÜV inspectors

With the A-Class, which has been available since 2018, Mercedes has done a lot right. The quality is also right, and that also applies to the used vehicles: They show up in the main inspections with top values ​​and almost no defects.

From the no-frills mini-van with a slight moose phobia to the hip compact model: the Mercedes A-Class has changed significantly over its four generations of model history. And it's not just the look and length that differ, their appearance at the TÜV also went through a change from pretty mixed to very solid. As shown by the current W177 series available since 2018.

body and interior

With a length of 4.42 meters, the A-Class is one of the most generously dimensioned models in the compact segment and has gained another 12 centimeters compared to its predecessor. The chic and sporty tailor-made sheet metal dress is reminiscent of its bigger brother, the C-Class.

As an alternative to the hatchback variant, the 4.55 meter long notchback is available. The platform and technology of the A-Class are also shared by the SUV offshoot GLA (since 2020) and the CLA as a coupé and Shooting Brake (since 2019).

The space available in the A-Class is okay, but not outstanding given the length. Tall rear users are dependent on the goodwill of the people in front when adjusting their seats if there is to be enough knee room. The trunk volume is 355 to 1210 liters on average. The four-door holds 405 liters.

The MBUX infotainment system, including voice control ("Hey, Mercedes") and two large displays, celebrated their premiere in the current A-Class. There are a few more switches in the center console, such as for the air conditioning, everything else is operated via two small sensor buttons on the steering wheel and a touchpad in front of the armrest. Depending on the equipment variant and the willingness of the first-time buyer to invest in extras, the inside and outside are more or less noble.

engines and propulsion

The range of engines consists of four-cylinder petrol and diesel engines. The power output ranges from 80 kW/109 hp (A 160) to the top model AMG A45 S 4Matic with 310 kW/421 hp. Between these extremes there is the A 180 (110 kW/136 hp), A 200 (120 kW/163 hp), A 220 (140 kW/190 hp) and the A 250 with 165 kW224 hp. The entry-level AMG variant A 35 4Matic has 225 kW/306 hp, the AMG A45 4Matic has 285 kW/387 hp.

The standard consumptions vary between 5.5 and 7.5 liters. Those interested in the AMG offers must reckon with at least 8.5 liters, and if the sporting potential is exploited, not surprisingly significantly more liters flow through the lines. A plug-in version (A 250e) with a system output of 160 kW/218 hp is also available.

The diesel range doesn't offer quite as much choice. It starts with the 1.5-liter supplied by Renault, which was available with 70 kW/95 hp or 85 kW/116 hp as the A 160 d until the end of 2020. Since then, a two-liter diesel with 116 hp has marked the entry (A 180 d). The A 200 d has 110 kW/150 hp, the A 220 d 190 hp. According to the standard, the diesels require between 4 and 5.5 liters.

Power is transmitted to the front wheels via a manual six-speed gearbox or double gearbox (DSG) with seven or eight gears. All-wheel drive (4Matic) is available as an option for the A 200, A 220, A 250, A 200d and A 220 d; the top AMG versions have it ex works.

equipment and security

The nameless and fairly properly equipped basic version is likely to be the exception on the used car market. The comfort levels "Style", "Progressive" and "AMG-Line" located above this, as well as many options, attracted first-time buyers with sports seats, seat heating, electrically adjustable front seats, LED headlights, navigation, head-up display and wireless charging for smartphones. Those interested in used cars must therefore take a close look at the equipment features of their desired model.

The same applies to the assistance systems. If the first buyer had ticked all the boxes, there are also blind spot, high beam and traffic sign assistants, a 360-degree camera and an adaptive distance controller. The 2018 A-Class passed the NCAP crash test with a five-star rating, as befitted its status.


The fourth generation of the A-Class picks up where the third left off: with top results in the TÜV main inspection (HU). The current A-Class was also recognized as the winner in the compact class in the TÜV Report 2023. At the first general inspection, 96 percent of the vehicles examined were free of defects.

Conclusion: The current A-Class has already passed the first HU with flying colors. Fans of the compact will find a wide range on the used car exchanges, but have to dig deep into their pockets for the relatively new used ones. It only starts at around 20,000 euros.

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