Virtual reality: Once fries and VR water slides, please

Wet by the virtual reality? In a spa in Bavaria, it animates the slide down. What seems too expensive at home, now use amusement parks: an experience report

Virtual reality: Once fries and VR water slides, please
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    From left Tänzeltein Tentacles Therefore, right proliferate corals at bottom of virtual seabed. Under a stone bow I pull head in reflex, water Spritztmir in face, I turn my head to right. From re comes an octopus, from above an alien, re follows an unexpected curve – I get dizzy. And n, after 35 seconds, spectacle of Auchschon is over again. Something Lamby I take virtual reality glasses bcovenant climbing out of my baby blue swimming hoops.

    It is an afternoon in Therme Erding, just 50 km norast of Munich. In Bavaria are school holidays, children run screeching under slides, half-adolescent schäkern at Pommesund Cola. I am here to test virtual slide experience of spa. Since March people combine a traditional water slide with digital illusion: 150 meters long it is a classic Röhrenrutschehinab, for two euros per trip you get a VR headset on DenKopf set. In glasses is a commercial Samsung Galaxy S8, and its most important feature is: you Istwasserdicht.

    Has real slide experience become so boring that you have to make it more exciting Mitgrobkörnigen 3d graphics? The design of imaginary realm looks more like PlayStation 2 game than after a cinematic simulation.

    Stephen Greenwood, founder of VR start-ups ballast, has developed technology with his team. Barefoot and in Bath shorts, der32-year-old Californian walks over rmal area and raves about "thrillingexperience", which is due to combination of physical movement, virtual impressions and splashing water. 49,000 people were since March already slipped with VR glasses, he says, international media such as MIT Technology Review and BBC already reported on innovative slide.

    What you see when you slip with VR glasses in rmal baths water: This scenario is called "sky" and passes to elephants and butterflies. © screenshot Ballast first contact with VR? In bathing suit

    I klettereerneut on slide tower to understand fascination better. "Go!" calls lifeguard and pushes me and my tyre. Then slide Ichhinein into a cosmic world of planets and solar systems, re is anor VR scenario this time, film is less rapid. I gently slide durchsAll, let myself splash with water in ever new galaxies – and feel michdabei a little bit like an astronaut. Slowly, MeinGehirn also gets used to virtual impressions.

    Below Treffeich a group of teenagers. For you chute is very first contact with virtual reality, tell me. According to a study by UnternehmensberatungDeloitte, three percent of German VR eyewear such as Oculus rift or HTC Vive. So far, sales in Germany have remained far short of expectations, which great hype had stoked a few years ago. The original equipment alone costs 400 to 600 euros even after price reduction rounds, which often includes purchase of necessary computer hardware. For example, Oculus has now launched an entry-level model called go, which costs 220 euros in cheapest version and does not require any additional hardware, but VR experience with go is not necessarily stunning.

    Date Of Update: 05 August 2018, 12:00

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