Vocational training places: The apprentices are from the economy

Every third company cannot occupy all training places. This is evidenced by a study by DIHK. The lack was never greater – and it could still rise.

Vocational training places: The apprentices are from the economy

It is becoming increasingly difficult for companies in Germany to find apprentices. In every third company, 2017 apprenticeship positions remained vacant. This is shown by a study by German Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DIHK). It is highest value DIHK has ever raised. 2008, it was only one in five companies that did not have enough trainees. The situation in eastern Länder is particularly difficult: at present almost every second company does not find enough trainees.

According to study, re are too few qualified applicants to meet needs. Nationwide, two out of three of companies that could not occupy all training positions received no suitable application. And every fourth of se companies did not get a single application.

"I see this as a dangerous development: Germany is skilled workforce," says DIHK president Eric Schweitzer. "First of all, orders remain ' only ' longer, but n companies have to fit completely – until n, that entire industries get into difficult water."

Promote companies with more salary and more vacations

Looking at individual sectors, biggest problems arise in search for apprentices in hospitality industry, for example in hotels and restaurants, and in construction industry. Real estate companies have few difficulties.

Against this backdrop, companies want to make mselves more attractive for trainees. For this y offer more combined training and furr education, additional qualifications and stays abroad, study states. 16 per cent of companies advertise with incentives such as additional holiday days or more salary for trainees.

In addition, companies are increasingly seeking specific groups of candidates such as college dropout. Four out of five companies are giving study a chance and every seventh is currently a refugee. 10,335 companies participated in online survey of DIHK.

Soon, generation of baby boomers will also retire

For most companies, it skills are an important criterion in selection of applicants, it says in study. They also demand good communication skills and structured and independent work. More than every second company promotes se properties through trainee projects.

Most companies that do not find enough trainees complain that school leavers have unclear ideas about professions and training. The DIHK refore calls for vocational guidance to be developed in schools, especially at high school.

According to DIHK, situation of farms is furr exacerbated by a development: more and more experienced employees of baby boomer generation were retiring. Many human resources departments have been working to ensure that many employees retire from year 2020.

Date Of Update: 19 July 2018, 12:02

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