The private sector payroll in France increased by 8.7% in 2022, due to the increase in the number of employees and inflation, but purchasing power per capita has fallen, Urssaf reported on Friday September 15 . The increase in payroll was 9% in 2021 under the effect of the post-Covid recovery, after a drop of 5.8% the previous year.

The average salary per capita (SMPT) increased last year by 5.2% and 5.7% with exceptional bonuses, to 2,786 euros gross monthly, while consumer prices increased by 5.3 %.

But partially unemployed employees, particularly numerous in 2021 and to a lesser extent in 2022 due to the health crisis and its economic consequences, are not included in this calculation of the SMPT, because their compensation is not subject to social security contributions. , specifies the Social Security recovery agency.

Including these employees, the increase in average salary is limited to 2.9%, including bonuses, and the purchasing power per employee has fallen by 1.1%, and even by 1.6% without exceptional bonuses. By excluding partially unemployed employees, purchasing power only decreases by 0.2% without bonuses, and increases by 0.3% including them.

The number of employees increases by 3.3% to 19.9 million in 2022, with 638,000 net job creations over the year. The industry, which is a government priority, gained 38,200 positions, an increase of 1.2% over one year.

Workforce increased by 2.4% in the food industry, but decreased by 3.2% in the automobile industry. Finally, the number of temporary workers, which jumped by 19.3% in 2021, will increase by another 4.6% in 2022, or 35,900 additional positions.