Who Tobacco report: Health experts decreases proportion of smokers too slow

Cigarettes kill millions of people worldwide every year. There is still a lack of prevention. In Germany, shock images, at least, deter young non-smokers.

Who Tobacco report: Health experts decreases proportion of smokers too slow

According to new tobacco report DerWeltgesundheitsorganisation (WHO), share of DerRauchenden in world population does not fall as quickly as hoped. Daserklärte goal of reducing smoking rates from 2010 to 2025 by 30 percent worldwide is not likely to be achieved, reported dieOrganisation. In many countries people always yet how harmful smoking is to health. "The WHO weistdaraufs that tobacco not only causes cancer, Sondernbuchstäblich Hearts breaks," said general director Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus. Tobacco use is derzweithäufigste cause of heart disease after high blood pressure.

According to estimates, three million people die each year as a result of ihresTabakkonsums. In addition, 2010 would not have known about 60 percent of Chinese who smoked heart attacks stillbirth. The WHO did not raise how high this share is in Germany. Around 1.1 billion people worldwide smoke, about as many as in year 2000. The world's population is allerdingsangewachsen, so percentage of smokers worldwide fell von27 to 20 percent (2016) in period. Seven million people starbendurch ir tobacco addiction altoger.

In Germany, values were above average: in year 2000 Rauchtennoch 30.6 percent of Germans, 2015 about 27 percent. According to EsHochrechnungen, 2025 are expected to be 23.7 percent. In Iceland, Norway, Denmark and Sweden, smoking rate is expected to fall 2025 to below 14 per cent.

Cigarette, Ade! Cigarette, Ade!

Who wants to stop smoking, has many possibilities:

A butt is none? of ways. As a study of 2017 shows, even occasional smokers have a 64 percent higher likelihood of dying earlier than non-smokers. Apart from that, smoking is expensive: anyone who consumes a pack (20 pieces) a day pays about 10,000 euros in five years. Those who stop smoking do not only live longer, but also have more of m.

Stop Smoking

Draw a line and quit smoking. Physical withdrawal symptoms are result. Whoever applies this method should get help: people who stop alone and without preparation have only a small chance of success. Behavioral rapy is a useful way of recovering learned addiction behavior. The Federal Centre for Health Education offers a 21-day exit program on its website rauchfrei-info.de.

Nicotine replacement and pills

Using nicotine-containing patches or chewing gum, smokers should be able to end ir habit without any withdrawal symptoms occurring. The preparations are available free of prescription in pharmacies. Nicotine replacement has advantage that effect of nicotine develops more slowly than in inhalation of cigarette smoke. Moreover, toxic effect of burning tobacco is lacking. However, nicotine replacement products are no guarantee of getting away from smoking. In contrast to nicotine replacement products, weaning drugs such as zyban or Champix are prescription-only. They are supposed to reduce withdrawal symptoms. However, se medications often have side effects: headaches, nausea, vomiting, tremors, sleep disorders and nightmares.

The number of smokers and smokers also depends on average income of countries, reports WHO. Jehöher prosperity, stronger downward trend. Front LägenNord and South America as well as Europe. In fight against DasRauchen, many favorable measures are effective, such as umfassendeRauchverbote in public spaces, advertising bans, MedizinischeUnterstützung in weaning and drastic warnings aufTabakpackungen.

Shock pictures frighten young non-smokers

Images of smoking lungs and rotten teeth aufZigarettenschachteln clearly reinforce negativeHaltungen to tobacco use among young non-smokers. This was just a study in Germany, carried out by Kiel Institute FürTherapie and Health Research for Health insurance company DAK (Morgenstern et al., 2018). Befragtwurden has approximately 6,900 students from 408 fifth to tenth classes at 44Schulen in six federal states. 80 percent said y were still niegeraucht.

"Our study shows that Warnhinweisein a significant amount of negative emotions, wobeiJugendliche that have never smoked, more emotionalreagierten than smoking teenagers," said Dak-VorstandschefAndreas Storm. So photos could have a preventive effect.

of three warning signs – "Smoking causes 9von 10 lung cancers", "smoking lessens ir fertility" and "Children of smokers often become smokers mselves" – first emotionally at most. On a scale of 1 (disagree) to 4 (vote), non-smokers rated ir emotions as follows: Fear expressed itself among those interviewed with a value of 2.7, disgust with 3.4 and sadness Mit2, 3.

The values among smokers were significantly lower with 1.8 and 2, 7and 1.6 – Similarly or warnings were evaluated. Less than ten percent of smokers made warning vorLungenkrebs anxiety. After all, more than a third disgusted with this fact.

Date Of Update: 31 May 2018, 12:02

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