Wholesale: Metro separates from supermarket chain Real

According to its own data, the Metro group wants to concentrate entirely on its wholesale business. In the future, you plan without the real markets.

Wholesale: Metro separates from supermarket chain Real

Metro separates from Real and concentrates on wholesale trade in future. The management board of Metro "today decided to start a disposal process for retail business real and related business activities," it was said in a mandatory communication of trading group. "Metro intends to focus completely on wholesale in future," he said.

There was always speculation about a separation of real. The Metro group had already split up just over a year ago – on one hand investment company Ceconomy for electronic markets Saturn and Media Markt, on or side of grocery store Metro with large markets of same name and Supermarket chain Real. In 2015, Metro had separated from its daughter Kaufhof.

Problems with real and ongoing weakness in Russian business fell significantly negative in Metro balance sheet: In third quarter, sales of trading group decreased by 3.7 percent to just under nine billion euros. Net income decreased by 23.3 percent to 57 million euros.

Metro controlled, among or things, cost reductions in supermarket chain real. About 34,000 people are employed re. The Ver. Di Union responded in summer with warning strikes, demonstrations and rallies. The trigger was decision of management to adopt collective agreements agreed with Ver. Di and instead to pay newly hired employees in accordance with a collective agreement with DHV trade union, which Business is significantly cheaper.

Metro chief Olaf Koch, on or hand, accused union of having blocked collective bargaining over a competitive remuneration structure in battered supermarket chain for many years. The previous collective bargaining agreements would have imposed considerably higher wage costs in real terms than y would have to bear many competitors. That was no longer viable for real.

Finally, Koch Real looked on a good way. With development of a viable business model, growing online presence and now competitive cost structures, essential prerequisites for a positive development were fulfilled, it was said.

Date Of Update: 14 September 2018, 12:00

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