Why Americans need a pro cryptocurrency president in 2020 (including Andrew Yang)?

Cryptocurrency has always been a topic worth researching. However, in 2019, it became more popular

Why Americans need a pro cryptocurrency president in 2020 (including Andrew Yang)?

Cryptocurrency has always been a topic worth researching. However, in 2019, it became more popular. Sometimes the volume and value of cryptocurrency increases or decreases. Nevertheless, it did not stop people from investing or trading. Many people have found it profitable to trade cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency has become so popular that many people are hopeful regarding its future. Many of them are hoping the future president of 2020 to give cryptocurrency trading some importance. As Bitcoin and Blockchain mostly is people’s favorite, they want some security using them. Below you shall find as to why the Americans need a pro cryptocurrency president in 2020.

Pro Cryptocurrency President: Why it is needed and Andrew Yang

Andrew Yang is currently a well-known face in the United States as the 2020 democratic presidential candidate. He is also well known for the endorsement of cryptocurrency. Bitcoin and Blockchain have been rapidly rising this year. Although, sometimes it is unstable, making President Trump criticized the trading for cryptocurrency. 

 But life has become easier for people as they can spend virtual currencies onto their needs. Moreover, this year has seen some rapid growth into cryptocurrencies since Apple and other big companies started to buy cryptocurrency. The main reason for the cryptocurrency’s fluctuation this year was President Trump’s tweet and Secretary labeling it as an issue.

Andrew Yang and Cryptocurrency 2020:

Thankfully there are many potential future leaders who believe in digitalization. One such person is Andrew Yang. After all the cryptocurrency controversies, he decided to endorse cryptocurrency. He wishes to actually make it easier for the US voters so that they may not wait in long lines for voting. 

He believes there can be a smooth and fraud-proof vote with the help of Blockchain. John McAfee has also shown his support in favor of the cryptocurrencies. Yang also takes donations for cryptocurrencies in his campaign. 

Andrew Yang believes in innovations and economic growth. He thinks that everyone should have a secure investment environment. That too without the fear of any changes in regulations. Yang wishes for a nationwide framework for regulating cryptocurrencies. In this way, the US can compete against the marketplaces in Europe and China. Yang wants to work with legislators so that he can come up with a cryptocurrency regulating guidelines.

Yang’s Policies:

Yang is literally the only person who is supporting the cryptocurrency. The people from the cryptocurrency community have been supporting him. They believe that he has the power to stabilize and turn cryptocurrency into a dominant part in the world of finance. His campaign of accepting cryptocurrency as donations have somehow put his party out front. 

According to him, the problems include within the conflict of digital market asset. Some of them have increased past regulations as well. 

His ultimate goal is to actually set up a proper guideline so that those digital investments will not lag behind. The guidelines shall contain some legislations explaining tokens and it is security. Moreover, it shall provide the regulatory power, user protection, proper trading, and tax clarification. 


The year 2020 is going to be one interesting year for the United States. Not only for some interesting policies but especially for the new advent of cryptocurrency trading. 

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Updated Date: 18 September 2019, 11:40

John Thunberbold

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