Why Controlling Access to Your Software is Important

The world of software development can be a challenge for even the most seasoned entrepreneur

Why Controlling Access to Your Software is Important

The world of software development can be a challenge for even the most seasoned entrepreneur, especially concerning compliance and controlling access to the software. The software development life cycle can be rife with obstacles to overcome, which can be overwhelming if you aren’t careful with the planning phases.

For example, you've probably already heard about how piracy affects software developers from every sector, and there's no end due to the nuances of licensing software. When trying to make the most out of your software development endeavors, meeting your goals and maintaining a steady revenue stream can be challenging if you don't effectively control your software. Here are a few reasons why controlling access to your software is vital in today's competitive business landscape.

  1. The threat of piracy is always there.

As stated above, piracy affects every software developer in the business sector, especially when it comes to gaming and other forms of popular media. The worst part is that software developers can’t do anything about piracy when it’s being managed for personal use — the best thing they can do is to chase down the source of those distributing the software, or ISO, but they can’t do anything about those who have already downloaded their product.

In essence, the company loses out on so much potential revenue as people who might have bought their software get everything for free. It's an issue that constantly plagues the gaming world, but some companies have managed to turn things around thanks to effective licensing (and a bit of creativity).

  1. It’s surprisingly easy with the right platform.

Compliance can be a challenge for businesses that aren't equipped to handle the rigors of software licensing. However, you aren't alone in the software development industry, and many companies are willing to help with compliance and licensing. With the right software license management tools at your disposal, you could potentially make sweeping changes and ease the overall burden without having to take risks in the process.

With the right platform, compliance and licensing can be easy, which is why it’s such a shame that some company owners choose to neglect software licensing instead of making everything easier.

  1. It helps pave the way for future submissions.

Without the help of software licensing software and best-practice compliance methods, it’s far too easy for people to take your software, reverse-engineer it, and start selling it as their own. The worst part is you can’t do anything about it if you’ve been slacking with regard to licensing matters.

Controlling access to software (such as using a subscription-based model) gives you more control over your platform and paves the way for future submissions. It also encourages end-users to offer feedback if you’re using a subscription model, helping you develop a better roadmap for your company.

While software development can be a challenge, focusing on who can access your software and general licensing matters can make it easier for your business to move forward.

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