Wolves in Germany: Rural associations call for action against Wolves

A merger of farmers, hunters and forest owners wants to take a decisive action against Wolves. The further spread must also be prevented by shooting.

Wolves in Germany: Rural associations call for action against Wolves

An alliance of 19Verbänden of livestock farmers, hunters and forest owners calls for DieAusbreitung of Wölfenin Germany to be curbed. The protection of human beings must be a clear priority and DieWeidetierhaltung be possible, according to an action plan of Associations, which is available to German press agency. For more transparency, nationwide stock should be published half-yearly with exact figures, so that TatsächlicheAusbreitung will become clear. It is now vonmehr than 1,000 animals in Germany.

In future, a "sensible handling of wolf" should also include launch of animals. "It Wirderforderlich be to remove wolves that seek proximity to humans, overcome protective measures or specialise in crack vonWeidetieren." Fences to set up all pastures are not feasible and socially unacceptable. It is also necessary to fürTierhalter new rules on compensation. The alliance includes, among ors, Peasants ' Association UndVertretungen of Shepherds, goat breeders, Hunters UndWaldbesitzern.

According to German Bauernverband (DBV) The number of torn animals has also risen in DerLandwirtschaft. Thus, InNiedersachsen 2017 a total of 403 farm animals were killed by wolves. In 2016 it was still 178. Nationwide, association of about 1,500 cracks last year. "We see that DerHerdenschutz alone doesn't work. More wolves bedeutenautomatisch more cracks. We urgently need a aktivesWolfsmanagement and a consistent protection of grazing animals, "SagtDBV President Joachim Rukwied.

Since turn of millennium, Wölfewieder have been multiplying in Germany after y alsausgestorben about 150 years in this country. The largest populations are InOstdeutschland and Lower Saxony. Measures against a UngehinderteAusbreitung also have union and SPD in ir Koalitionsvertragfestgeschrieben.

Date Of Update: 04 June 2018, 12:02

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