World Cup commentators: D oping, Human rights, hooligans

What does this foul have to do with Putin? At the World Cup in Russia, the football commentators try to classify the games politically. This can only go wrong.

World Cup commentators:  D oping, Human rights, hooligans
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    The World Cup in Russia poses a particular challenge to football commentators. The host country is not politically unproblematic – which leads to linking political discussions with sport reportage. Russia is of German perception combined with precarious three-party "doping, human rights, hooligans", as was called in ARD moderation before first game of home team.

    These are media-attractive keywords. By doping, public television can show that re is also a critical report on sport (Hajo Seppelt), while hooligans as violence fascination have a specific news liability. So television lies in its pockets when it does so, as if it could talk about it purely externally and refrain from its own involvement. One finally reports on this World Cup and will do it again in four years from Qatar – a venue that is precarious in many respects.

    "Slap in face of football"

    If ARD commentator Tom Bartels says: "If puller of doping program is allowed to sit in gallery of honour, n this is a slap in face of football", that is a point of view which seems to be directed mainly at Russia. The intersections of officials, sports doctors and national teams in (west) German doping history have always been marginalised. And an ex-light figure of self-drunk summer fairy-tale euphoria like Franz Beckenbauer would only have been with today's knowledge as a puller within Fifa panky attributable.

    The translation of great world politics into reality of a football game is certainly nothing to be guessed by reporters. Try it anyway, come out over lines of horror, in which nothing is more true. The greatest example is scene in which Putin, after a gate of Russia in opening game over FIFA chief Infantino, apologizes to Saudi vice-Prime Minister Mohammed bin Salman with a smile. Bartels brings this gesture ("one wants to be fair toger") with a Russian foul, which cut shows afterwards ("would be nice if Russia starts with it").

    The foul naturally has nothing to do with three representatives. On contrary: joke in pictures of Tribune is that Putin, Infantino and I am Salman football commentator Bartels just at this moment are as close as never actually: three enjoy same childlike joy in game, reporter his workplace Deserves. The fact that current boss of such a dubious club as FIFA is Infantino, is most apt irony in whole complex.

    Football as a public trächtigstes, ideal television program is subject to a basically two-part perception. The trappings, structures are corrupt, but product, game itself, is untainted and puts even most critical spirits into blissful enthusiasm.

    Date Of Update: 19 June 2018, 12:02

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