Writer: Christine Nöstlinger is dead

Their works like 34;D ie fiery red Friederike 34;, 34; Maikäfer, fly! 34; or 34; Gretchen Sackmeier 34; are classics. The children's book author Christine Nöstlinger died.

Writer: Christine Nöstlinger is dead

The Austrian children's book author Christine Nöstlinger died at age of 81 years. This was confirmed on Friday by Residenz Verlag in Vienna. At first ORF had reported on it.

Nöstlinger has published more than 100 books, her works like fiery red Friederike, Maikäfer, Fly! Or Gretchen Sackmeier are international classics.

Nöstlinger was born on October 13, 1936 in Vienna and grew up re in working environment of suburbs. She graduated from high school and studied graphic design at Academy of Applied Arts. For several years she worked in her training profession, also in meantime as a journalist. She came to writing 1970 with fiery Red Friederike, for which she had first drawn illustrations. Only n did she write a text about it.

Witty-rebellious about problems of society

The success of her first book was overwhelming: it struck zeitgeist through his witty-rebellious tone and seemed to represent prototype of a emancipatory children's book. Surprised by broad popularity, Nöstlinger has now been following year after year witty-cheeky children's and youth books, which could link to ir writing debut seamlessly.

The 1972 for her novel The children from Children's Basement (1971) awarded Friedrich-Bodecker-Preis and German Youth Literature Prize for We whistle on King of Cucumbers (1972) opened a long series of international honors for writer.

Nöstlingers Children's books were characterised by an anti-authoritarian style of education. It was always important to fight against injustice and oppression. In a humorous way, she dealt with problem issues. She portrayed Milieus realistically, practised social criticism and did not shy away from dialect eir. Not only in children, but also in adults, Nöstlinger enjoyed great popularity, such as ir dialect poems, Iba de claim Oaman kinda (1974), Iba de claim Oaman Wives (1982) and Iba de claim Oaman Mauna (1987).

The author herself wrote screenplays, radio plays and plays and worked – among or things as a literary critic – for various media. In her newspaper columns, which also appeared in form of a paper, author's social, political commitment, which was from 1997 to 1998 chairman of Human Rights organization SOS Fellow human, was revealed.

Nöstlinger didn't want to write any more children's books

Recently children's book Maikäfer, Fly! Filmed about life of Vienna bombed after Second World War. " It's war. It's been a long war. I can no longer remember that re was no war, "it says.

A few weeks before her death, Nöstlinger had also announced that she would no longer write children's books. "My own childhood is already a historical one and that of my own children, too, soon. It has all become very, very different, and I do not understand it any more. That does not mean that I would have a derogatory verdict on today's children, "Nöstlinger told magazine News.

Condolence book

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Date Of Update: 14 July 2018, 12:02

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