Writer: Dieter Wellershoff is dead

He has published more than 40 works in the course of his life and celebrated with 34;D he wishes to Love 34; his greatest success: Now the Cologne author Wellershoff died.

Writer: Dieter Wellershoff is dead

The writer Dieter Wellershoff is dead. He died at age of 92 years in Cologne, as a spokeswoman of his publishing house Kiepenheuer Heuer Witsch shared.

Wellershoff has worked for 60 years in literature. 1956 came out his first radio play, 1966 with a Beautiful day first novel. There followed a total of 40 novels, novellas, plays, screenplays and essay volumes. Almost unanimously praised by critics, big breakthrough in audience was long-awaited: only his novel The Desire for Love was filmed in year 2000 for success of editions and later also for cinema.

Wellershoff was not only a narrator, but above all an essayist. He accompanied Federal Republic since its earliest days. Over band in face of present, a reviewer of Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung wrote: "This book is confused by lack of errors." Prophecies and polemics were neir a matter of Wellershoff nor cheap advice to politics. But his conclusions were often correct.

1925 Born in Neuss, Second World War was formative experience in Wellershoffs life. As a soldier – at age of 17 he volunteered – he was wounded and spent several months in hospital. In many of his later novels, novellas, plays and essays, such as 1995, he dealt with se war experiences. "It's so unlikely that I've got through this. I have seen so many deaths, so many dying, "he once said.

The rocket launchers, whole companies were mowing, stood still in his sight as a high-aged man, as did Hermann Göring: "This was a real bugbear as he marched past us." Where I am past can be stirred! ' That meant that you were allowed to stand looser. " When 2009 Wellershoffs NSDAP membership became known, he assured that this was done without his knowledge: "I would never have thought of entering NSDAP."

Lastly, in talks, Wellershoff only referred to his computer covered with a protective cover. Shortly before his 90 birthday, he confessed to German press agency: "I have said everything".

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