YouTube music: At the beginning is the music

YouTube goes into streaming music. But on the associated app, videos also run: It could become an all-around entertainment platform.

YouTube music: At the beginning is the music
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    If a company wants to make it very clear to ir potential customers that y would like to pay money for one of ir services, it does so like YouTube at streaming service YouTube music, which is now also launched in Germany: It designs free version so User hostile that user after at least five minutes at her despairing. And eir delete app on your smartphone right back – or mercy and complete a paid subscription.

    The fact that YouTube is interfering in competitive market of Musikstreamingdienste as original video platform is not surprising. The sister company of Google in alphabet group is late, but this market is still growing so enormously that only competing for potential first-time customers is already worthwhile.

    Spotify, Apple and Amazon are biggest established competitors in this service: according to ir own data, Spotify had 159 million subscribers in spring of world, 71 million of which paid; Apple Music, where re is only one payment model, currently has around 40 million subscribers; And Amazon, whose fee-based Prime membership also includes music streaming, traditionally does not give out any figures, but is due to a considerable amount of users on account of many Prime customers alone. For smaller providers like Deezer or SoundCloud, streaming launch of YouTube music is likely to be anor of many bad news lately – y are threatening to go down in face of competition.

    Same product, many vendors

    The service is basically same everywhere: in apps with similarly designed user interfaces, same songs can usually be played in same sound quality, monthly fees for paid subscriptions are around ten euros everywhere.

    The difference is in detail. With now two out of four major suppliers, who also have Gratisabos with advertising interruptions in program, it is solely in convenience of operation or lack reof. Spotify lets non-paying users hear songs only in shuffle mode, song selection is largely same for streaming. At YouTube music, users can choose songs mselves. But playback stops immediately as soon as you get out of associated app or phone's screen display is power-saving. In addition, free version on smartphone always plays music video to song with – and thus largely corresponds to what you know so far from video app of YouTube, only that re are additionally playlists.

    If you want to listen to music on go and not lose any fun, you will almost inevitably choose payment option in case of YouTube music. In addition, free version is quite stubbornly reminiscent of how much great music experience would be in subscription. However, app plays songs at least temporarily in inferior sound quality, surprisingly also in paid version: compression rate of audio files is 128 kilobits per second, 256 kilobits are common with or Streamingdiensten.

    The special thing about YouTube music is to be in goodness of algorithms, which are to be very learnable and refore more closely to music taste of listeners, more often se app use. This also seems to be necessary, some category titles of playlists ("fun when working", "Energy Kick for You", "full in Focus") as a user you want to play away from screen as soon as possible and replace m with playlists whose names have a slightly Less depriming.

    Date Of Update: 20 June 2018, 12:02

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