YouTube Premium: YouTube plans premium subscriptions for channels

The pressurized video platform expands its revenue model: in addition to conventional advertising, YouTubers should be able to market exclusive material, such as livestreams.

YouTube Premium: YouTube plans premium subscriptions for channels

If you pay, YouTube will be able to see exclusive video footage in future. The Google-owned platform plans a monthly fee that allows users to see premium content in certain channels, including certain livestreams. This should be possible for channels with more than 100,000 subscribers, as company said. The fee will be 4.99 dollars (almost 4.30 euros) per month.

In comments section of videos, paid channel members can exchange with or members according to announcement. YouTubers should also be able to sell ir advertising products directly on ir channels. This is supposed to be possible from 10,000 subscribers as of now.

Both are intended to make it possible for providers and authors to achieve higher revenues through ir material, i.e. to improve ir revenue situation. Since testing of feature in January, users like comedian Mike Falzone could have tripled ir sales, communication said.

New sources of money for providers

In addition re is possibility to present pre-produced videos as live events. They will be streamed and advertised in a corresponding presentation. Users can also chat live with YouTubers. A few days ago, YouTube also announced that it would offer streaming music, such as Spotify.

Currently, bulk of money comes from advertising revenue, and that will remain main focus, said YouTube product responsible Neal Mohan. However, it should also be looked at which sources of money could be created for authors of videos.

I just stepped off stage at VidCon2018 where I was super-excited to share how we're rolling out new products to help creators earn more money and build strong communities. Https://

— Neal Mohan (@nealmohan) June 22, 2018

YouTube will share some of its advertising revenue with content creators. But re are always criticisms of ir low height. YouTube is also struggling with growing competition: On Wednesday, Instagram, a Facebook subsidiary, announced a new feature: Users can share videos up to an hour's length.

YouTube has its own information after every month 1.9 billion logged in users who distribute over 90 countries worldwide.

Date Of Update: 23 June 2018, 12:02

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