Best Slots Games Online with a Book Theme

Book themes are becoming increasingly popular. Many popular pieces of media are based on classic literature

Best Slots Games Online with a Book Theme

Book themes are becoming increasingly popular. Many popular pieces of media are based on classic literature, it makes sense that some of the most popular new online slots games are also based on books.

Book Theme

Although players may not realise it initially, books are a great basis for slot games. Classic literature in particular has served as a theme basis for some of the most popular slot releases ever. Books may not seem like they would go well with a slot theme, the written word doesn’t translate well to video screen. However, thanks to the imagination of developers, the fictional worlds have been brought to life in many slot games. The themes and ideas that many classic novels explore still resonate with people today, books have even served as the basis for many popular movie releases over the years! If a slot developer wants their theme to depict an immersive story, using classic literature as the basis of the theme is the way to go. Some of the greatest stories ever told have come from books

Book Themed Slots

Classic literature has influenced many aspects of popular media, it should be no surprise that books serve as a great theme for slot games. The following are some of the best book themed slots.

  1. Alice and the Mad Tea Party is a slot based on the classic Alice in Wonderland story by Lewis Carrol. This slot offers seven bonus features including five which will trigger at absolute random. Players will love the wonderful designs and renditions of the classic stories characters such as the Mad Hatter.

  2. Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory is a game which is based on the classic tale from Roald Dahl. The slot takes many aspects from the wonderful book including the golden ticket and oompa loompas. One of the slots bonus features even uses the infamous chocolate river

Similar Themes

Novels and books are a great slot theme which many players find extremely enjoyable. There are several other slot themes which players may find just as enjoyable, they serve as a great alternative.

● Fantasy - Many book themes explore the fantasy genre in one way or another, fantasy slot themes offer the same level of immersion as regular slot themes. Taking place in unique worlds which will stir the players imagination, this theme has many similarities with book themes.

● Historical - This slot theme aims to take a player back in time, whether it be to the luscious Ancient Greece or to days of the Roman empire. Historical slots are incredibly enjoyable for players, with their designs reflecting real life moments in history

● Mythology - One slot theme seems to be more popular than the rest, it is the mythology slot theme. This theme deals with the Greek Gods and has been a source of many great slots thanks to it’s imaginative designs and fun bonuses

Final Thoughts

Book themed slots are becoming more prevalent. There are several alternative themes which explore similar concepts as the book theme.

Updated Date: 08 November 2021, 16:50

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