How to win on roulette?

Need advice on how to win on roulette? We bring you tips on how to play roulette.

How to win on roulette?

After reading this text, you can try your luck on becasino. Is there any tactic that can bring you safe money and thanks to which you cannot lose money? What are all the winning tactics of playing roulette and why is it important to choose the best tactics for a maximum positive result? Roulette is one of the most popular games of chance in casinos, and in recent years this game has become an increasingly common occupation of people who visit virtual casinos. Although it seems that in roulette the outcome of the game depends solely on the luck you may or may not have, the fact is that the outcome of the game can very well be influenced. Namely, with a smart choice of tactics, you can increase your chances of winning, so you can finally end your games in green (plus).

The chances that the ball will fall into the black field or into the red are almost identical, except for the small possibility of it falling to zero, which reduces those chances to 48.7%. So there is a very similar probability that it will be a black field or that it will be a red field. After a large number of series, the data shows that bets are generally at around 50 percent. By betting on a color, you double your bet, which is in your favor because you can use one of the tactics. The tactics we are just explaining have a basic goal - doubling the stakes during a losing bet.

In particular, first, find a table where small stakes are allowed and take small steps forward. Play on the red or black field. You can also play even-odd or 1-18 / 19-36 bets instead of colors. So, all bets with a chance of winning around 50 percent (or 48.7% to be exact) come into consideration. In case you have guessed the choice of color and your bet is winning you have earned a certain amount of money according to your stake. If your bet is not winning, then it is time to bet twice the amount on the new bet. So now invest twice as much money and play again on the same suit you bet on before. If that bet does not win either, double the bet once again.

After a few series, you should get a bet because sooner or later the color you have chosen will happen. However, even with this way of playing, there is a possibility that you will lose the bet. 10 series in a row your color can be not 'chosen', so your stakes must increase sharply. In that case, you can either run out of money you were willing to invest or the casino will block your maximum bet that you can place on a bet. In both cases, you will lose money, but the chances of such a scenario are still very small.

The previous tactic was based on the fact that every time a bet is lost - we have to invest twice as much money to be in the black at the end of the process. The next tactic we will present is identical to what we described in the previous example, only this time the process takes place in reverse order. Instead of doubling the bet when we lose, we will now double the bet the moment we win.

Specifically, if we bet £ 5 on the red box and win the bet, it’s time to double the bet and now we are betting £ 10. When we are on the winning streak, then we are constantly doubling the stakes and so we are getting money. But when we fall into a series of poor results, we have to invest minimal stakes. Generally, we bet £ 5 when we lose a bet and play everything like that for so long we don’t win the bet. We will emphasize again that there is a possibility that for several rounds in a row your bet will not win, which means that there is a possibility that you will lose all your money, but by playing this tactic you should minimize that possibility.

While the two tactics described above are relatively safe and should ensure you make money while playing roulette, there are also tactics that are even safer. Unlike the previously mentioned tactics, this one requires a slightly higher starting bet which is then adjusted depending on how you play. In case of winning bets, you reduce the bet by a few points, while in case of losing bets, you increase the bet. The initial bet in this tactic should be £ 50. You play on the red and black fields again, that is, on bets where the chance of winning is around 50 percent. In case your bet wins when playing a new game you reduce the bet by one point - in that case, you reduce the bet by £ 5. If your bet is losing you add one point to the stake, which means you play for £ 55, and you repeat the same procedure depending on how your bets move - whether they are winning or losing.

Date Of Update: 04 October 2021, 05:01

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