Increased Security Within the Field of Online Casinos

One of the most important aspects of online casinos is the security they can assure players

Increased Security Within the Field of Online Casinos

One of the most important aspects of online casinos is the security they can assure players. With the digital world on the rise and the digital era becoming more and more prominent as years go by, technology has become a massive contributor to online gaming. Players worldwide seek the fastest, best and safest way to engage in online platforms. The vast improvement in technology has resulted in a faster connection speed, better ways for online casinos to engage with players with a variety of technically advanced welcome packages like BonusFinder and much improved graphic quality and resolution levels for players – meaning they can play faster and in a more realistic environment than ever. These are vital but slightly materialistic aspects of online gaming. The safety and security that technology now offers players is one of the more important advances that have come about over the last two decades. 

This article aims to share some of the most technically advanced areas of tech that have made online casinos the secure platform that people know and love today.

Technical Advances that Offer Online Security

Over the past few years, many major technologically advanced systems have cropped up, with many laying a great focus on keeping online players safe from fraud or being hacked. 

Blockchain technology is an avenue that many online casinos have spent a lot of time looking into and ultimately adopting into their framework. Blockchain is a fantastic way to keep players' details and all transactions safe from being hacked. All transactions made between a player and an online casino are stored on a public ledger, which can only be accessed by authorized parties in possession of the special key. Due to the nature of this tech, with data being stored in small blocks and then all strung together in a string, hence the fitting name 'blockchain', should a cyber criminal try to hack any sensitive information, each block is carefully encrypted and will immediately lock every single block on that chain and become impenetrable. This is a huge win for the safety of players. 

Another very useful and clever piece of software is what is known as the hardware wallet. Before this development, there was something called the software wallet, which allowed players to store their personal information, coins, tokens and cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin within their devices. Although this information was password protected, there had been many cases where hackers would manage to find their way in, as the information was stored within a desktop, laptop or other physical device. Then came the upgraded and more secure version, which is the hardware wallet. Players now store their private information and currencies on a wallet that is separate from the device, such as on a hard drive or even a large USB. Due to this external nature, hackers could not get their hands on it even if they wanted to, as it is not connected to anything. Again, a great example of technology coming in to protect players.

A further development used in most people's everyday lives and highly undervalued is what is known as two-factor authentication. Many might already know this as something they use to access their emails or Gmail accounts, however, this is also widely used and encouraged in the world of online casinos. The way this technology works is that it offers a second layer of protection for punters. Essentially, it's a rather simple idea with massive benefits. Players safely store their usual usernames and passwords but then add a second layer of protection through a different device, such as a mobile phone. Players enter their usual login credentials onto an online platform and then before they log in, they will need to receive a further login which is usually a special key that changes every 60 seconds and is made up of a combination of numbers, letters and symbols. As this is linked to a mobile phone and is ever-changing, any hacker with access to the username and login will not have access to this second level of security, making his attempts futile.

Closing Thoughts

The way that technology has revolutionized even the world of online casinos is incredible. The added security features that tools that both players and online casinos have at their disposal are hugely helpful in the attempt to keep as many hackers and cybercriminals at bay, as much as possible. It's important for players to feel safe whilst gambling with coins, tokens, crypto or real money as there is much to lose and much to gain, making it important for online casinos to continuously support the development of technology in the hope of creating an even safer future for all players.